Jenn Babin appointed as Dean of Students


Danielle Roberts, Jenn Babin, Cybele Zhang, Meagan Rowles, Gracie Marx, Jael Ellman, Sophie Evans-Katz, Kamryn Bellamy and Macoy Olhbaum pose during advisory on Halloween in 2015. Babin has been Class Dean of 2018 since 2014, but will be taking on the role of Dean of Students in the fall. Image courtesy of Cybele Zhang.

After current Dean of Students Travis Nesbitt decided to transition back into teaching, an opportunity to take on his administrative position opened up.

After an application process for current teachers, English teacher and 11th grade dean Jenn Babin was selected as the right woman for the job.

According to Head of School Elizabeth English, Babin was chosen because of her “range of experience, particularly with groups around campus that have a lot to do with student life and student culture.”

Babin has been a Class Dean since 2014, a member of the Honor Education Council from 2012 to 2016, a debate coach and has sat on the Admissions Committee. She has also attended four National Outdoor Leadership courses, including a faculty trip to Alaska. Babin has worked at Archer since 2011. 

Babin describes being selected as Dean of Students as a “huge honor.”

“It’s a position I’ve been interested in for a while,” Babin said. “It’s obviously going to be very different than teaching, but I’m so excited to take on that challenge for next year.”

According to English, the Dean of Student’s primary role is to oversee the entire student body and lead initiatives beyond curricular programs to ensure there are programs, clubs and events that are “enriching and exciting.” The Dean of Students also oversees the Honor Education Council and student discipline and adherence to Archer’s policies in the Student Handbook.

Photo by Ultimate Exposures
Babin’s yearbook picture. She has worked at Archer since 2011.

“I would say at Archer [discipline] is less of the focus of the Dean of Students, and consumes less of the Dean of Student’s time, than it does at some other schools where discipline is a huge issue — which it is not here,” English said.

According to Babin, although she is excited to take on this new position, she will miss being in the classroom and being a dean.

“One of the hardest parts of transitioning into an administrative role is not having the same sort of interactions with students in the classroom,” Babin said.

“I’m really going to miss is being the Dean of 2018!” Babin wrote in an email interview “But, I look forward to working closely with Coach Mathis and the Class [of 2018] as we plan all of the senior events — the haunted house, prom, senior week, graduation, etc!” 

English said that Dean of Students is a big job, but is confident in Babin because of her experience and logistical abilities.

“We’re very excited,” English said. “She has lot of leadership potential, so we’re excited that she has this new opportunity to explore it.”