Drama Queens put on first performance of the year


Photo credit: Nicki Rosenberg

Maya Winkler ’18 and Gracie Abrams ’18 perform “It’s Okay Honey” by Bertha Brown. The scene depicts a mother-daughter conversation about sexuality.

Archer’s Advanced Theatre class, more commonly known as the Drama Queens, had their first performance of the year last Thursday. During lunch on Oct. 26, students and teachers gathered to see the theatrical group display serious monologues and comical ensemble pieces.

This performance showcased some of the pieces that the theatre troupe performed at DTASC (Drama Teachers Association of Southern California) this past weekend. At the competition, Julianna Goldsmith ’18 won second place in the monologues category and Noa Diamond ‘18, Caroline Ediger ‘19, Sara Friedman ‘18, Shira Goldstein ‘19 and Livi Richards ‘19 won fifth place in the large comedy category. Sophie Evans-Katz ’18 and Livia Blum ’19 were also in the top ten for strong leading ladies category.

The lunchtime performance had pieces that ranged from serious and dramatic to comical and lighthearted. The class, which consists of juniors and seniors, has spent the past few months preparing. 

Seniors Gracie Abrams and Maya Winkler performed the comic scene “It’s Okay Honey” by Bertha Brown — a conversation between a mother and her daughter discussing the daughter’s sexuality. The mother, played by Winkler, overhears her daughter, played by Abrams, rejecting a date with a guy. The mother then jumps to the conclusion that her daughter is a “homosexual lesbian.”

“The mother daughter relationship is super hilarious, and it just works because it is over the top relatable, meaning it takes a very stereotypical circumstance, making it totally crazy,” Winkler said.

Also in the Blackbox performance, Diamond, Ediger, Friedman, Goldstein and Richards performed “Application Pending” by Greg Edwards and Andy Samberg — a comedy scene mocking the elaborate requests of parents when submitting their children’s kindergarten applications.

Photo by Nicki Rosenberg
Caroline Ediger ’19, Livi Richards ’19, Noa Diamond ’18, Sara Friedman ’18 and Shira Goldstein ’19 perform in the Blackbox. Their scene highlighted the comedy of kindergarten admission.

“It couldn’t just be where two people were having a conversation, it had to be cool movement as well” Friedman said. “I think that with this scene it could’ve just been Noa [Diamond] sitting on a chair and all of us just on the phone. But with Maya [Winkler] directing and all of us collaborating, we thought it would be cool [to move more]. We also loved how Noa [Diamond]’s character was the stable character, and all of the parents calling were these crazy elaborate characters. All of them were so different.”

Richards said that being part of the Drama Queens is not only fun, but it has helped improved her acting skills.

“[Acting] has definitely changed the way I see things,” Richards said. “For example, the day after the election, I had to be at school and rehearse for the Middle School Play. It sucked, but it made me realize that there was a community and a way for me to express what I needed. It really helps you learn how to speak, perform and connect with others.”