Editorial: Archer moves forward, so do we


Photo credit: Ella Frey

A bridge connects the historic building to the new academic village. All students will have at least some classes in this new section of the school.

In the past weeks, the normally white walls of Archer’s north wings have exploded into bursts of color. Scribbled names, quotes and doodles fill classrooms, signaling the nostalgic end of an era. Its the students’ farewell to the spaces and memories they hold dear.

As first semester comes to a close, groundbreaking will soon commence for the campus master plan. Students will head home for winter break, and will return to a new, reimagined Archer. It’s a time of change and immense excitement.

Years in the making, the Archer Forward Campus Master Plan will provide the athletics, arts and classroom facilities that students so badly need.

Archer girls finally get to experience air conditioned rooms that are large enough for girls to move around without knocking over neighbors’ desktop belongings. The dance students will utilize a space designed to foster their creativity, and the garden will grow fruits and vegetables for the community, all while being sustainable.

The plan provides a much needed modernization that truly will give girls the means to become enthusiastic learners and leaders.

Photo by Cybele Zhang
Dancers participate in a master class with “Hamilton” cast member Jacob Guzman. Although the dance studio will be torn down, the classroom village includes a new dance studio that provides increase opportunities.

Nevertheless, some students have expressed frustration with the plan. Some upperclassmen are disappointed that they cannot experience the improvements themselves, and some younger members are unsure of how to continue undisturbed by construction. But the Editorial Board encourages girls to focus on the positive.

Tolerance for adversity will be key in bridging the transition during construction. The brief period of change is well worth it for the immense opportunities the expansion will provide for future generations.

Even though the campus is changing, it is important to remember the heart of Archer —the students — stays perfectly intact.

Change can be unsettling, but it can also be for the better.

To aid in the transition, Honor Council has been promoting a positive environment surrounding the new construction. They created posters focusing on exciting elements of the academic village to boost morale and spirit. The Editorial Board commends this, and encourages others to follow their lead. 

Creating a positive community will only serve to better Archer’s atmosphere. The plan is exciting and joyous, and we hope students recognize the unique opportunity we have to experience this evolution of Archer’s physical space.

We hope that Archer girls go into the new classroom village with open minds and open hearts. Archer Forward is historic and serves as the gateway for future leaders. Although the historic building is home to beloved memories, the new campus is just another opportunity to make more.