HEARTbeats Club hosts fundraiser to support domestic abuse victims


Photo credit: Nicki Rosenberg

Sophomore Leila Mirdamadi and Alexis Shapiro, leaders of the HEARTbeats Club, hold a fundraiser to raise money for victims of domestic abuse. The organization works to ensure greater possibilities for all victims of violence, abuse and neglect.

Following Valentine’s Day, the courtyard filled with cupcakes, cookies and brownies for a cause.

Archer’s HEARTbeats Club held a bake sale to raise money for the Violence Protection Program during lunch in the Courtyard on Thursday, Feb. 15. HEART is an acronym for “Helping Ease Abuse-Related Trauma.”

The club is the “teen sector” of the Violence Protection Program, an organization whose mission statement, according to their website, prides itself on “developing sustainable programs to ensure greater possibilities for all victims of violence, abuse and neglect.”

Co-leader of the Archer chapter Leila Mirdamadi ’20 said she “fell in love” with the organization after attending one of its events and seeing how “impactful” it was. She and co-leader Nicki Rosenberg ’20 felt like it would be beneficial to bring the organization to Archer.

“[It’s a opportunity for] high school students to come together to support the Violence Intervention Program and support those who have been affected by domestic violence and sexual assault,” Rosenberg said.