Isabella Simanowitz holds senior art show, “Rings & Things”


Photo credit: Alexandra Chang

Isabella Simanowitz ’18 poses alongside some of her pieces, which were part of a larger jewelry collection.

Unlike previous senior shows, Isabella Simanowitz’s ’18 gallery opening showcased jewelry on pedestals.

Simanowitz’s display opened on Tuesday, Apr. 17 at 10:00 a.m. in the upstairs gallery, and was the third senior show of the year. Entitled “Rings & Things,” the exhibition consists of various clay pieces, all of which Simanowitz created this year in her Advanced Ceramics class.

“I began my jewelry line by making the rings, and the collection itself developed from there,” Simanowitz said. “I’m really happy with the final outcome of it, and all of the pieces complement each other and add their own unique energy to the show.”

In her artist statement, Simanowitz gave more insight to the inspiration behind her work.

“‘Rings & Things’ is a jewelry collection inspired by my personal taste for classic, effortless and wearable art,” she wrote. “I was particularly intrigued by French ceramicist Raphaël Schaltegger’s work, which reflected more dainty and precise pieces.”

Julia Hallin-Russo ’18 attended the show and said she felt particularly impressed by the vibrant colors that Simanowitz used.

“[The pieces] remind me of geodes and the ocean,” Hallin-Russo said. “I love that the exhibit is a combination of modern and antique jewelry.”

Photo by Alexandra Chang
Simanowitz made several collars for the exhibit, all of which were on display. They are light enough to be worn in daily life.

Simanowitz’s exhibit will be open from Apr. 17 to 20, and there will be several more senior shows throughout the remainder of the school year.

Simanowitz highlighted the bittersweet emotions behind “Rings & Things,” as it will be her final Archer show before graduating in May.

“I am so grateful that I had full creative direction for my show, and [ceramics teacher Olivia] Moon really helped my vision come to life,” Simanowitz said. “I will definitely miss doing ceramics at Archer. It’s been an essential part of my high school experience.”