Josie Garcia-Euyoque, Dani Roberts hold joint senior art show, “Friends & FamILY”


Photo credit: Allie Worchell

Seniors Josie Garcia-Euyoque and Dani Roberts open their Senior Art Show, entitled “friends & famILY”. The two art students collaborated on a show featuring film and photography.

Archer students filled the upstairs gallery holding donuts, looking at the various photographs and film footage around the room. “Friends & FamILY,” ILY being an acronym for “I love you,” was a joint senior show that featured the work of Josie Garcia-Euyoque ‘18 and Dani Roberts ‘18. It opened on Tuesday, May 1, at 10:00 a.m. 

Roberts focused on photography, while Garcia-Euyoque centered her project around a film. Both forms of art aimed to tell stories of their friends and family.

“I’ve been a photography student since seventh grade,” Roberts said. “It’s interesting because at first, I didn’t like portraiture; I was only into landscape and street photography. But over the years, I was inspired by other artists and decided to dedicate time to [portraiture].”

Roberts wanted the art show to symbolize her love and appreciation for her family and friends before she leaves for college.  Her pictures showcased candid images of her family, and so did the video that Garcia-Euyoque made.  

Photo by Allie Worchell
Dani Roberts’ ’18 photos of family members. She said that she wanted the show to focus on her relationships with friends and family before she left for college.

“In the video, I wanted to represent all the joy that comes from being their friend. So I showed them portraying their happiness, just being themselves,” Garcia-Euyoque said. “I really like that because Dani and I get to see that every day, but not everyone is able to experience how amazing [our friends] are.” 

Roberts highlighted the particular importance of this show, for she views it as a culmination of her high school art career. 

“I wanted to take pictures of them to show my relationship and how much I love them and how much they have shaped who I am today.” 

Similarly, Garcia-Euyoque commented on the significance of the video she created.

“Both Archer and I will be able to have [this] video and [our friends’ and families’] smiles,” Garcia-Euyoque said. “It doesn’t matter how far away I go because I will always be able to see the video and remember all the good times I’ve had at Archer.”

The show was open from May 1 to 4.