Archer holds first senior vs. faculty relay race in place of annual kickball game


Stephanie Harrison ’24 and Maya Wernick ’18 hug during the relay race. As a senior, Wernick said she hopes to keep this memory after graduation.  

Blasting music could be heard from all corners of the courtyard as members of the senior class and faculty prepared to compete in the first-ever Senior vs. Faculty Relay Race.

Due to construction in the backfield, there was no longer a space to hold the annual senior vs. faculty kickball game. The relay race, which occurred on Friday, May 4, during lunch, took the place of the kickball game, which has been a tradition at Archer for 10 years.

However, the seniors did continue the tradition of wearing their class color, purple, while the faculty wore black. 

The relay race consisted of different challenges — including potato sack races, human knots and filling up buckets with sponges. The event concluded with a spontaneous dance competition. Although the faculty won both rounds of the relay races, the seniors emerged victorious in the dance contest.

Maya Wernick ’18, a senior class representative, commented on the success of the event.

It went a lot quicker than we thought, which is why we had to do an impromptu teacher versus student dance competition,” Wernick said. “I think overall it went really well for all the seniors. It ended with a water fight and everyone running around the courtyard.” 

Click through the photo gallery below to see more pictures from the event.

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  • Seniors participate in the relay. One of the challenges was trying to untangle a human knot.

    Photo credit: Allie Worchell

  • English teacher Jenna Shannon and engineering teacher Mike Carter participate in a sponge game. English teacher and Sophomore Class Dean Jennifer Dohr, grabbed the sponge in order to collect the water.

  • Maya Wernick ’18 gets a water balloon dumped on her head by soccer coach and Senior Class Dean Amelia Mathis. Wernick helped plan the event as a senior class representative.

    Photo credit: Avani Shah

  • Macoy Ohlbaum ’18, Gracie Abrams ’18 and Caitlin Mosch ’18 compete during the relay race. The goal of the game was to hit the ball on one’s head.

    Photo credit: Allie Worchell

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