I Am Club holds first meeting


Photo credit: Emma London

Seniors Sammy Raucher and Livia Blum lead the first meeting of the I Am Club. The organization meets every Monday at lunch and strives to foster conversations about feminism.

The I Am Club met for the first time this school year on October 22 during lunch. The club focuses on bringing intersectionality to the Archer community, specifically in terms of feminism.

The club is led by seniors Sammy Raucher and Livia Blum.  

“I Am is an intersectional feminist club, so we discuss current events and political issues, along with our identities,” Raucher said.  

The club discusses a wide range of topics, from refugee camps to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegationsEva Dembo ‘21 said students enjoy the the opportunity to express their opinions and engage with current events. 

“I always have really enjoyed discussion based clubs,” she said. “We really look at what’s happening in the world.”

The club leaders like to focus on how individual identity correlates with specific events.

“Our main goal is to make sure that we are acknowledging the variety of everyone’s identity and making sure that everyone is involved in the conversation,” Blum said.  

The club meets every Monday during lunch in room V12.