Students represent organizations, find volunteer opportunities at Community Service Fair


Photo credit: Ella Frey

Student signs up at senior Eden Motzkin’s booth. Motzkin works with the non-profit Michelson Found Animal Foundation.

On October 26, the courtyard was full of students walking around, handing out multi-colored bracelets and talking about service as a part of the fourth annual Community Service Fair.

Community Service Coordinator Lauren Sekula said that the school has brought in recruiters for various organizations in years past, but it has since shifted to be more student-driven.

“What we were finding was that girls are already doing so many amazing things in the community,” she said. “It’s a really great way of knowing…my Archer sister does this, and I’m interested in doing it too.”

This was senior Livia Blum’s final year participating in the Community Service Fair. She represented the WE organization, which, according to its website, is an organization dedicated to “offering resources to help [people] create positive social change in [their] community and around the world.”

“I think [the community service fair is] important because sometimes when you have a lot going on — in school or in your life — it can be hard to branch out and find different organizations to work with,” Blum said. “It is a really great opportunity to see what other people in your community are doing and maybe get involved with one of [the organizations] if they speak to you.”

Some of the other organizations at the fair also included Best Buddies and Teen Line. Sophomore Lexie Ben-Meir, who represented Best Buddies, said that she hopes networking at the fair will lead to more volunteers for the organization.

“If you get [people] to sign up you can send them emails, letting them know, and then it makes more people inspired to go out [and help],” she said. “I hope that seeing the work that I’ve done with [Best Buddies] can impact others and make them want to get involved as well.”