Burst pipe dampens mood: Library closed temporarily due to flooding


Photo credit: Liz Haltrecht

Archer students work in the hallway outside the library. The library has been closed for the past few days because a pipe burst.

On Sunday morning, a water pipe burst near the main entrance of the library, causing some flooding. Because of this, the space has been closed for students all week.

Librarian Jacque Giebel said that the library is currently being dried by industrial fans, which will ensure that it is clean and safe for student use when it reopens.

“It’s definitely been challenging, but the main thing to take away is that no library material or archival material was damaged,” Giebel said. “We’re really lucky.”

Giebel said that the library is a popular spot on campus for free periods, X-blocks and other activities. She believes that the library closing has affected the community.

“It’s felt across campus,” Giebel said. “It’s just making all of us realize how wonderful the space is and how lucky we are to have it.”

Senior Maddie Dea said it has been difficult to find workspaces on campus with the library closed.

“Trying to find a place to sit is really challenging and inconvenient because the Media Space is usually being taken up with classes,” she said.

The main reason the library is closed right now is because of the loud equipment being used. Director of Operations Janet Lyon said she was unsure of when the library would be open to students again.

“It’s day by day, so potentially it could be [open] Friday,” Lyon said. “Then we go into Thanksgiving break, so if [it isn’t open] this week, then definitely the Monday after break.”