Auditors come to Archer, survey compliance with Conditional Use Permit


The Archer parking permit is required for all carpools. Under the Conditional Use Permit, official Archer carpools must present this badge at all times.

On Thursday, Nov. 15, auditors came to survey Archer’s compliance with the Conditional Use Permit. An auditor is a person who “review[s] financial documents for accuracy and compliance with laws and regulations,” according to

Janet Lyon, director of operations, ensures that all regulations under the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) are upheld. Every year Archer is required to have auditors survey the school to guarantee compliance with the CUP.

“They were doing a traffic count, which is required for our CUP that we operate the school on. A company comes in to essentially count people and cars that come onto campus and leave campus. It is to ensure that we are in compliance with our [CUP] and our Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR),” Lyon said. 

Archer carpools and buses must follow guidelines that are in compliance with the CUP.  Junior Lily Price is a member of a registered carpool and described her experiences in a carpool.

“In the morning my carpool driver, [junior] Chloe [Eshel] picks up the other two people in my carpool. Then she picks me up and we get to the VA lot. We walk across the street together and then sign in at the gate,” Price said. “At the end of the day, we have to go to the gate and sign out with my entire group. Then we walk across the street all as one group to get to the car.”

In order to be in a carpool, there have to be at least 3 people per car. When the buses are on campus, Archer has to limit how many cars can drive onto campus.

“It’s a temporary situation during construction,” Lyon said. 

Price believes that the carpool gives her more flexibility with her schedule.

“We can get to school earlier [than some buses], and I don’t have to sit on the bus. I can also get food in the morning, so it’s really convenient and a lot more fun,” Price said.