Dancing the night away: Eighth graders ‘enjoy’ annual social


Photo credit: Quincy Gordon

Eighth graders stand beside the dance floor at the eighth grade social. The theme was “black and white,” reflected in the Rose Room’s decorations.

The Rose Room was filled with black and white decorations on Friday, Dec. 3, including lace-covered tea lights, balloons and a donut wall filled with alternating flavors.

The decorations were ordered and the social was planned by a dance committee put together by class reps, including eighth grader Allie Rich. The dance committee planned the event for over five weeks.

“We had two giant balloons and [they] said ’23,’ although the ‘3’ kept falling down. We had this little football net that you could throw these little footballs [into],” dance committee member Katia Stutz ’23 said. “We had a lot of food and people kept bringing donuts, so we had an overload of donuts. And we had cookies, drinks, candy, chips.”

Students said they valued the chance to spend time together at the social.

“I really enjoyed getting to bond with my friends in a non-academic environment,” eighth grader Lucy Brodsky said.

Archer girls felt that this event allowed them to get to know each other in a “less stressful setting”.

“I met a girl and made a new friend. I felt like it was good to get a break so we could all calm down and have fun for a night,” Stutz said.