Latinx prospective families visit Archer for Spanish Campus Preview


Photo credit: Allie Worchell

Junior Angelica Gonzalez, eighth grader Karen Garcia, freshman Alejandra Ayala and junior Celeste Ramirez talk to the prospective Latinx Archer families. Both student and parent panels were held.

Native Spanish-speaking prospective Archer families filled the front parlor on Dec. 6 in order to listen to the experiences of current Latinx Archer students and parents at the school. The families had the opportunity to ask the parent and student panelists questions about their experiences within the Archer community. 

This annual event is known as the “The Spanish Campus Preview” and is run by the Ambassador Leadership Team in order to ensure the inclusion of Hispanic families in the Archer community. After the panel, current Latinx Archer girls took prospective parents and students on a tour of the campus.

Eighth grader Karen Garcia was the only middle schooler to serve on the panel. 

“It was very nerve-wracking, but it was a powerful experience,” Garcia said. “Just knowing that you represent Archer was really cool.”

Garcia said that the panel and tour support diversity and emphasizes the value of recognizing similarities and differences within our community.

“Some of the inquiring families come from places that aren’t usually represented here at Archer,” she said. “[The girls] come from different cultures and different backgrounds, so it would be cool to have them here.”

Junior Angelica Gonzalez, a member of the board for the affinity club Hermanas Unidas, discussed the “numerous” opportunities in leadership and camaraderie at Archer.

“I talked about how Archer gave me the confidence to run for student council. [I mentioned] the dance shows and how it’s an overall great community to have,” Gonzalez said. 

Gonzalez said that through the Spanish Campus Preview, prospective parents can feel more confident and empowered when applying to independent schools.  

“I think it is important,” Gonzalez said. “A lot of Spanish speaking families who may not have the resources available to them in Spanish can be kind of hesitant to apply to a school like Archer or independent schools in general.”

Carla Alcala, the Associate Director of Admissions at Archer, helped created the event last year in order to ensure there were no barriers for native Spanish-speaking families while touring independent schools.

“We want [Latinx] families to feel they belong here as much as anybody belongs here. They can feel — in independent schools — that they are not equipped or good enough or understand the language, so there is a big barrier,” Alcala said. “This event breaks down the barrier and shows them they do belong.”