A pig deal: Archer celebrates Chinese New Year


Photo credit: Deeya Gupta

Chinese student Willa Frierson ’20 teaches middle schoolers some basic Chinese characters. This booth was one of many at the celebration on Friday, Feb. 8.

Boba, dances, calligraphy and a red dragon filled the courtyard on Friday, Feb. 8 during Archer’s celebration of the Chinese New Year. 

Sophomore Isa Ionazzi, who takes French, was “excited” to celebrate the event. She said the music was “great” and the atmosphere was “fun.”   

“I think [this celebration] is important because we talk a lot about Spanish and French at school, but we don’t really talk about Chinese. Because so many people take it, it’s really important to talk about,” Ionazzi said.

Librarian Stefanie Daehler was also present during the celebration. The celebration had many different stations put on by Chinese classes, such as dough art making and martial arts. 

“It’s really important that we make space in our school day to celebrate an occasion like this,” Daehler said. “I’m also really impressed by the hard work involved. [The work put in] is very apparent. You [can see] how much love that takes.”

Sophomore Camille Colker managed the calligraphy and paper-cutting station.  

“It’s important to recognize all aspects of it, so Chinese art, Chinese food, and not just the stereotypes that we have associated with it,” Colker said. “It’s important to get a deeper understanding of the culture, and this [celebration] is how we do that.” 

Daehler “looks forward” to this event each year. She thinks the energy is “lovely.”

“I’m very impressed by the choreography [of the dragon dance],” Daehler said. “It’s really special that there are offerings that are made with care to share with the entire community.”