Op-Ed: How can we pop Archer’s political bubble?


Archer students can help pop our liberal bubble by learning about different political perspectives. With education comes understanding. Graphic illustration by Leslie Castaneda.

Archer is centered in the predominantly liberal area of Los Angeles. As of 2018, more than half of the population of California reported as Democrats. Therefore, it is understandable that the Archer community has more left-leaning political views than other parts of the country. However, since Archer leans towards liberal values, we subconsciously smother conservative perspectives, creating a political bubble.

Archer is a school founded on progressive ideals like feminism. Because of this, mostly liberal students choose to attend. Though there are, of course, conservative students at Archer, I have not heard a conservative opinion in or out of class. This limits our ability to have conversations that incorporate diverse political perspectives.

But why is it important to acknowledge other opinions?

Our political and social values echo until that is all we know. Opinions narrow and students become close-minded. Differing opinions are blocked by our bubble’s walls. We tend to not acknowledge or listen to other perspectives because of our divisive political climate. Political discussions often turn sour because we create these bubbles and are so set on our own opinions.

We, on the liberal side, must consider the other argument. We should empathize with other sides to help solidify our own opinions and understand differing perspectives. Surprisingly, some may find that they actually agree with contrasting viewpoints.

Politics are not just black or white, they’re all shades of gray. We don’t have to agree with everything liberals or conservatives believe in. It is possible to identify with a political party broadly but not agree with every policy objective espoused by that party. And even if someone does align themselves entirely with one party, that shouldn’t prevent them from trying to understand the logic of the other side.

We must treat others with respect, no matter their political views. We must work towards stopping the harmful effects of political polarization.

So the question that our country needs to face is: How do we pop our distinct bubbles?

First, we must be tolerant of other’s opinions when we don’t see eye to eye, because it’s not necessarily about agreeing but rather understanding. If another person expresses an alternate opinion, don’t immediately shut off; instead, listen actively with an open mind.

Second, take time to look at diverse news sources. Don’t just look at CNN or The New York Times. Read up on conservative perspectives and then formulate your own even stronger opinion.

Lastly, everyone in the Archer community should work towards opening students minds, no matter political perspective, to create a tolerant and understanding community. We should work together to pop our political bubble. Don’t be afraid to share differing opinions and engage in these important conversations.