Community Service Leadership Board hosts event for Found Animals


Photo credit: Amelia Stone

Senior Eden Motzkin and junior Grace Carter present about volunteer opportunities for Found Animals. Found Animals is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles.

Philanthropy February is well on its way, as Community Service Leadership Board is focusing on raising awareness for different organizations to spotlight at Archer.

On Feb. 12, the community heard from Found Animal student volunteers, in addition to making peanut butter dog treats.

“We have a ton of events going on just this week,” Community Service Leadership Board member Lexie Ben-Meir said. “We are educating the community on a variety of organizations and what’s amazing is how many nonprofits we have reached.”

Students could bring new and used dog beds, blankets and towels throughout the week for dogs in the shelter.

“We wanted to get the whole school involved for people who couldn’t attend the event,” Ben-Meir said. “They can still get involved [because] it is a really large foundation and there are actually five Archer girls that are working with them outside of school. We wanted to make it fun for everyone.”

According to the Michelson Found Animals website, the organization’s “mission is to put pets in homes and keep them there — because all pets are meant to be with good people.”

“I really like animals and I feel like they are not often treated as fairly. Especially when you see dogs on the street, people get scared of them, ” Lale Erbay ’25, who participated in the event, said. “It will be nice to help animals in general because I think they are just as important as humans. “