Class of 2019 prepares for life after Archer

Class of 2019
On May 4, the senior class took a part in National College Decision Day at the senior pennant party at lunch in the Rose Room. Students and teachers conversed, ate pizza and took pictures in front of the Maypole to celebrate the occasion. Each student hung up a pennant for the college they will be attending in the college guidance hallway.

Senior Megan Escobar said the most “exciting” part of the celebration was seeing that everyone is pursuing things that are “right for them.”

“It was initially kind of nerve-wracking because it can get competitive and people don’t know where you are going, so it’s like, ‘What will people think?'” Escobar said. “But seeing everyone be so excited for their friends, not just themselves, just verified that everyone is on the right course.”

The Oracle reached out to the senior class through an online survey, and 12 students responded. Click on the image above to learn what these seniors plan to do after Archer and what they are excited for in the future.