Q&A with varsity volleyball player Bella Morgan


Bella Morgan prepares to serve in a game against Crossroads in September 2018. On top of playing volleyball since the age of 9, Morgan makes ceramics in her free time. Photo courtesy of Marlee Rice.

Varsity volleyball has played ten games so far this season, losing only two despite having moved up to CIF-SS Division 5. The Oracle sat down with the varsity volleyball team’s libero, defensive specialist and outside hitter, junior Bella Morgan, to discuss her experience playing a varsity sport in high school.

How long have you been playing volleyball? 

Bella Morgan [BM]: I’ve been playing since seventh grade at Archer and since fourth grade overall.

How has your experience been with the Archer volleyball team?

BM: It’s been really good. We’ve had a lot of success and I think that having a similar team for two years has been really good because we really have a strong relationship with both our teammates and our coaches.

How has volleyball help shaped your identity as an Archer student?

BM: [Volleyball] is a big part of my Archer identity. The times after school, during school and just leaving school early to play volleyball is something I’ve been doing since I’ve been at Archer, so it’s a really big part of my overall life at this school.

How has playing a varsity sport in high school affected you? 

BM: [Playing a varsity sport] has helped me become more independent and organized and just overall awareness of how I need to manage my time. That also applies to school, being able to get things done and just staying accountable for what I need to do.

How do you show team spirit on and off the court? 

BM: As much as we can we try to get people from the Archer community involved with what we’re doing — as well as what JV is doing — so that people are more aware of what’s going on with Archer volleyball and so they are more likely to come and support. That is really important to us.

What are your team goals for the season this year? 

BM: As a team, we want to go undefeated again in league and also win CIF. I also hope we get a lot closer this year because even though we have a good relationship, it’s going to help us when things are rough later in the season and we need to battle to win.