‘Spametry’: Spam Poetry

By Sydney Stone, Editor-in-Chief

Every day the Oracle staff receives comments, many of which are insightful, supportive, and thoughtful.  However, occasionally a bit of spam slips in there.  Spam comments make no sense and  leave the writers of the Oracle utterly befuddled and confused, but nonetheless amused.

Some spam comments are too good to overlook.  Such comments fall somewhere  between free verse poetry and a dramatic reading of Shakespeare — if Shakespeare spoke in gibberish.  Below is an example that I have taken the liberty of rearranging into free verse form.

I would like to thank the “author” of the comment, the SpamBot with the screen name of “ShoorMurb,” for entertaining the whole Oracle staff and readers.  We hope that you will laugh as much as we did.


Spam Poetry

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