Ninth grade Arrow Week trip canceled due to coronavirus (COVID-19)


Photo credit: Francesca Capello

Ninth graders hike through the Arizona wilderness on the 2018 freshman Arrow Week expedition. This year’s trip was cancelled due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

By Cadence Callahan, Voices Editor

On March 12, the Archer community received an email from Head of School Elizabeth English regarding the cancellation of many Archer trips, including ninth grade Arrow Week. Many of the students planning on attending the trip were disappointed by the news.

“I was really looking forward to experiencing something that I hadn’t before,” freshman Helen Solis said. “But now I see it as a precaution, just to make sure we’re safe, and I think it was the best choice to make.”

Days prior to the cancellation of the trip, Upper School Director Gretchen Warner spoke to the ninth grade class about the preparations and the precautions being taken for the trip.

“After Ms. Warner’s talk, I wasn’t really nervous about getting the virus on the trip,” freshman London Dorton said. “I guess some other students were, so maybe that’s why they canceled it.”

Outdoor Education Coordinator Casey Huff, who helped plan this year’s Arrow Week trip, said she was “disappointed” at the cancellation of the trip.

“I’m disappointed and sad because I think [Arrow Week] is such an important trip, though I do understand the measure that senior admin and the school is taking to protect students and families at this time,” Huff said

Some students believe the cancelation of the trip was reasonable and are planning to take protective measures against the virus while they stay at home.

“I knew it was in the school’s best interest to cancel it because obviously everyone wants to stay safe,” freshman Rachel Heyman said. “And as much as I want[ed] to go on this trip I think that it’s important that I’m home with my family as things are going south.”