Kansas City Chiefs no longer hold their record

By Marcela Riddick

In the 11th week of this NFL season, the Chiefs lost to the Broncos.

The Kansas City Chiefs had an incredible start to the NFL season, winning nine consecutive games. Similarly, the Broncos had one of the best quarterbacks in the league this year, Peyton Manning. Both teams lead the division with only one loss and nine wins.

In addition to the win, three of the Bronco starters were injured in the game against the Chiefs. Manning’s injury prior to this game seemed unapparent to his performance. The Broncos are still clinging on to first place in AFC Western Division and the Chiefs are close behind in second.

As time quickly goes by, playoffs will be just around the corner. Now as you sit and watch the Turkey Day games before dinner, comment down below and let us know which team is your favorite this year.

Featured Photo: Kansas City Chiefs official flag and logo displayed proudly outside the stadium where a fan is tailgating. Photo Source