Executive Board creeps it real in planning this year’s virtual Halloween celebration


Photo credit: Amalea Brown

On Friday Oct. 30, the seniors surprised the whole school by wearing costumes and Zoom filters. They threw a virtual haunted house to encourage spirit and laughter within the Archer community according to Executive Board member Madis Kennedy.

By Chloe Fidler, Voices Editor

From Monster Monday to Tok-or-Treat Thursday, last week consisted of virtual Halloween festivities that Executive Board and Student Council planned, including school-wide competitions and different ways to earn spirit points. Ranging from costume competitions to putting on pumpkin makeup, there were different challenges each day. According to Student Body President Francesca Cappello, although challenging to plan, Halloween engaged the whole school in Halloween activities this year.

“I think because we had to be so creative we ended up getting wider involvement in the school,” Cappello said. “Rather than having a few people sign up for certain activities, everyone could participate, which was really fun.”

The Executive Board collectively agreed that GooseChase, a scavenger hunt app, played a key role in Halloween this year and really brought this remote celebration together.

“We discovered GooseChase and we will definitely be using it when we eventually get back on campus,” Executive Board member Madis Kennedy said. “If anything, the problem solving that we had to do for this is just going to lead to us having more diverse options for what we can do.”

Each day of the week leading up to Halloween was based on a theme: Monster Monday, the ultimate virtual week-long scavenger hunt; Terrifying Tuesday, virtual background and filter time; Wicked Wednesday, “pumpkin” Decorating Day and finally Tok-or-Treat Thursday, costume and TikTok competition.

Kennedy also said that through this experience the Executive Board, as well as Student Council, have grown “tremendously” and as a result, become better leaders.

“As a result of this virtual Halloween celebration, Exec Board and Student Council have bonded in ways that we never would of before,” Kennedy said.

Cappello also said that although Archer is virtual, she still felt the motivation and determination from the rest of the Student Council to push forward and plan a fun Halloween.

“I feel like every member on Student Council this year is truly excited to be there,” Cappello said. “They are like little think tanks, so it comes in handy when we had to brainstorm different activities for each day and for GooseChase challenges.”

Kennedy said that now because of all the technological advancements Executive Board has made at Archer, people who are out of town or sick have the ability to still be involved in spirit activities.

“We want everyone to know that we are really excited to see how involved everyone is,” Cappello said. “Everyone is really being a trooper in regards to the circumstances that we are in.”

Math teacher Eileen Finney, who oversees the Executive Board and Student Council, said the amount of planning that was done was “incredible” and really demonstrated how committed everyone is to their roles.

“Halloween wasn’t about posters or candy this year, it was about 100% school spirit,” Finney said. “Connecting with each other is so crucial right now, and that is exactly what Halloween this year provided.”