Head of School English announces return to campus plans for social connection


Photo credit: Lola Lamberg

Los Angeles County remains at a “Tier 1” risk level for Covid-19 according to LA County Public Health. Archer continues to be unable to hold academic classes on campus but are working on plans for “Social Emotional Learning” opportunities according to Head of School Elizabeth English.

By Lola Lamberg, Editor-in-Chief

Head of School Elizabeth English has announced via school-wide email that “plans to bring [students] on to campus are in the works” along with the first planned on-campus event for the senior class to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the form of “Palentine’s Day.”

The Feb. 1 email detailed the Los Angeles Country Department of Public Health’s allowance of bringing schools population up to 25% onto campus for the purpose of “Social Emotional Learning,” according to English.

“Only K-2 schools were allowed to apply for a waiver to hold academic classes; those schools which received such a waiver may eventually be allowed to bring back grades 3-6; because we are a 6-12 school, as of right now, Archer does not qualify to bring sixth grade, or any grade, back for academic classes, only for social connection,” English wrote.

English explained that the senior class, the first to return to campus for “social connection,” will arrive on campus Feb. 12 in “stable cohorts” in which all activities will take place outdoors and wearing masks as well as 6 feet of distance between every individual is required. The event is not mandatory.

“This will provide an opportunity to celebrate and prioritize our seniors, while also practicing our safety protocols before bringing younger grades to campus,” English wrote. “Dates for lower grades will be forthcoming.”

Senior Ava Salomon, who is not attending the Feb. 12 event, said that she “hopes” to return to campus during her senior year but feels now “is not the best time.”

“As much as I’d love to reunite with my grade I am still a little worried about Covid cases and would prioritize the safety of me and my family over meeting in person with my peers at least for right now,” Salomon explained.

Fellow senior Eva Dembo, who is attending the upcoming Friday event, explained she is excited to to see her peers and foster the connection within mentorship groups.

“I am excited to go because I really miss the Archer campus,” Dembo said. “I am looking forward to connecting with my peers in my mentorship group. I can not believe I have not been on campus since March 13. I know that this is a great chance to connect with people I have not seen in months and just visit Archer.”

English ended her community-wide email by thanking the faculty and staff that are aiding in the process of fostering on-campus social connection.

“I want to acknowledge the tremendous work and complex planning necessary to safely bring you to campus,” English wrote. “In particular, I’d like thank Ms. Davis, Ms. McCullagh, Ms. Lyon, Ms. Nott, Ms. Butch and the other members of the Health and Safety Committee for staying abreast of rapidly changing guidelines and requirements and adapting our campus and protocols accordingly.”