‘A day to remember’: Rising seniors celebrate Moving Up Day

By Nyah Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

In this photo essay, rising seniors enjoy their final hours as juniors by sharing memories, dancing in the courtyard and running through the hallways singing Taylor Swift’s song  “22.”  Moving Up Day is a ceremony filled with cheers, celebrations and music to commemorate each grade moving up to the next year level. On June 4, the rising senior class “enjoyed laughter” and “creating special moments” in their lives with one another, according to class representative Andrea Ramirez (’22).

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  • Rising seniors Chidimma Nwafor, Anny Rodriguez, Marley Mills and Andrea Ramirez pose for a photo together in the courtyard wearing their blue accessories. Ramirez holds blue bucket hats, which class reps bought for the entire rising senior class and senior mentors. On June 4, rising seniors spent Moving Up Day at school, commemorating their final hours as juniors.

    Photo credit: Nyah Fernandez

  • On Moving Up Day, Student Body President Langdon Janos addresses the upper school in the Eastern Star courtyard. She spoke on how happy she was for the upcoming school year and how proud she was of all of the grades for surviving this pandemic in such good spirits.

  • For love of the Class of 2022, Bess Frierson dresses up as a lobster to represent the spirit of the class’ ocean theme. Frierson, who will be a class rep next year, got sworn in wearing the lobster costume. It generated a lot of energy throughout the day and made many of her classmates happy.

  • Gracie Doyle, Olivia Jarvie, Mikaela Foronda, Emilia Ramirez and Maggie Hamilton pose in front of the Class of 2022’s decorations in the amphitheater. For Moving Up Day, rising seniors are allowed to decorate the school in their class color. “Today was one that I will never forget — I am so excited to be a senior this fall and to spend it with my amazing class,” Hamilton said.

  • Andrea Ramirez, Ava Rothenberg and Naiobi Benjamin, the incoming senior class reps, created this poster. The reps all agreed to crafting these posters the day before Moving Up Day to display to the rest of the class.

  • The incoming class reps made this poster the night before Moving Up Day. “The other reps and I had so much fun creating the posters for the wonderful moving up,” Ramirez said. “I am so excited to do this again next year.”

  • Isabella Specchierla, Presley Sacavitch and Cristina Fuentes-Alva dance in the courtyard and share laughs with one another. “I love spending time with my classmates, it makes me feel so happy to be able to share these special moments with them,” Specchierla said.

  • Junior Marissa Gendy dresses up with many blue, ocean-themed accessories for Moving Up Day and senior class color. “Today will forever be the day that I will keep in mind because it was the first time in a long time I connected with my grade from not seeing them in so long,” Gendy said. “I will always keep this day special to my heart because it is something to be grateful for.”

  • Juniors Faith Soriano, Alexa Marsh and Thea Leimone wait to be officially promoted to seniors in the courtyard. They dressed in blue accessories to represent the enthusiasm of the Class of 2022.

  • Juniors Chidimma Nwafor, Andrea Ramirez and Marley Mills pose for a picture while talking about how they are excited to move up as seniors. “It’s hard to believe we’re already seniors; it’s surreal to think about,” Nwafor said. “However, I’m really excited for next year and what’s to come.”

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