Volleyball spikes back: Captains discuss goals for 2021 season


Photo credit: Grace Doyle

The varsity volleyball team comes together in a huddle at their recent match against Buckley. “We’re all really great players individually,” Milton said. “[We’re] just using our strengths as a team to keep persevering.”

By Alexis David, Staff Reporter

As it approaches the middle of the first semester and the fall sports season progresses, Archer’s junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams are advancing through their season. After a year altered by COVID-19, the teams are back and excited to be playing once more.

Junior varsity volleyball captain Sabina Walker (’24) has been playing volleyball since seventh grade, however, this is her first year on the Archer volleyball team. During the pandemic, Walker found effective ways to work on her volleyball skills at home.

“I have a little sister in the seventh grade,” Walker said. “I passed the ball with her in the front yard. We worked on hitting, setting, bumping; anything to pass the time.”

Varsity volleyball co-captain, senior Shaunael Milton, who’s been playing volleyball since she was 7, had other ways of working on her skills over the pandemic. 

“I had club and also some private lessons,” Milton said. “[I] just kept going, using the future as motivation.” 

Milton and Walker are both excited to be back at school playing Archer volleyball. Since returning to school, Walker hopes to unite her team and collectively improve their skills. 

“Our job is to get together, become a strong team, develop our skills more and at the same time, push each other to be better,” Walker said.

Milton also hopes to bring together her team this year, both on and off the court. 

“One of my main goals is for all of us to really trust each other on the court, find that balance with each other and really just be there for each other as teammates,” Milton said.

Senior Vaughan Anoa’i, Milton’s co-captain, started playing volleyball in seventh grade. Anoa’i mirrored her co-captains’ goals for the year. 

“Definitely trusting each other on the court [and] building that chemistry,” Anoa’i said. “That’s definitely something that I want to nurture on this team.”

Anoa’i is especially grateful to be back on campus after the challenging nature of the previous year.

“[I’m] just taking advantage of being back on campus, the opportunity to practice every day and to play games every day: that’s something I especially want to take advantage of during this time,” Anoa’i said. 

Anoa’i said she is proud of the progress her team has made and is excited to make the most of this upcoming season.

“I’m very excited to be back playing for Archer,” Anoa’i said. “Definitely a goal I have for myself [is] just really making the most of every moment.”