Review: ‘Encanto’ is charming and features unforgettable hits


Photo credit: Graphic Illustration by Molly Solowitz

“Encanto” is a Disney animated musical-comedy, and follows Mirabel Madrigal on her journey to save her family’s magic and home. This film features amazing music with impactful messages for kids of all ages to enjoy.

By Cadence Callahan, Voices Editor

Brilliant songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda is back at it again, creating hits for Disney’s latest animation “Encanto.” The film is an animated musical-comedy following the magnificent Madrigal family, who live in the Encanto in the mountains of Colombia. The Madrigals live in a magical house referred to as a Casita, with their abuela, voiced by María Cecilia Botero. Abuela oversees a mystical candle that blessed the family with their magical casita, which then granted almost every member of the Madrigal family with a power.

The protagonist Mirabel Madrigal, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, is the only Madrigal child to not have received a special power and is often overlooked, especially by her abuela. Mirabel is the youngest of three children. Her eldest sister Isabella, voiced by Diane Guerrero, can create beautiful flowers with the flick of her wrist. Mirabel refers to Isabella as “Señora Perfecta” and the sisters’ relationship is rocky, to say the least. Mirabel’s other older sister Luisa, voiced by Jessica Darrow, has super strength and can lift five donkeys without breaking a sweat. The rest of Mirabel’s extended family all have distinct powers that align with their personality, and each member of the family that possesses a power uses their gift to help the townspeople in the Encanto.

One evening, Mirabel discovers there is something wrong with the Casita and her family’s magic may be in danger. Through the course of the movie, Mirabel goes on an incredible journey of self-discovery and unhealed familial wounds to restore the magic of the Encanto and connect with her family.

Acclaimed songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda worked alongside composer Germaine Franco to create catchy hits you won’t forget. Almost every song throughout the film relates to specific characters’ internal struggles, some of which deal with unattainable expectations, overworking oneself and confidence. Through upbeat and exciting songs, the film examines serious issues. A song from the film titled, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” is currently trending on Tik Tok with people dressing up as characters from the film and lip-syncing the lyrics. People all over the internet even agree that this movie will get you up on your feet. Miranda has penned songs for other animations such as “Moana” and Netflix’s “Vivo.” While I enjoyed the music from all three films, the soundtrack from “Encanto” has been on repeat.

A promotional poster for Disney’s animated film “Encanto.” Mirabel Madrigal is depicted in the center while the rest of the Madrigal family poses in front of their Casita.

And yet, the music isn’t the only exceptional part of this film; the layout is unbelievably vibrant with a color pallet that will captivate you. While watching the film, I was fully immersed in the animated mountains of Colombia. This is a great movie to watch in theaters because there is an amazing amount of detail put into each character’s wardrobe and every movement pictured on the screen. After watching the film a second time, I discovered that every Madrigal member’s outfit had an emblem that represented their power. 

One aspect of the film that is surprisingly impactful is the relatability the audience feels with the characters. While this film is rated PG and animated, there is still something mature about the serious topics discussed and the way conflicts are resolved. This is a great film for kids of all ages to watch as it teaches real-life skills about dealing with conflict while still being entertaining.

Although I enjoyed the film, I noticed a lack of personality in certain characters. I am not able to see some characters fully develop which affects the audience’s ability to get to know, connect and understand each character. Mirabel’s extended family is presented as quiet or quirky, with little to no personality outside of that. Nonetheless, I was invested in Mirabel’s development and the development of all the characters that we do see. I found Mirabel relatable; as viewers watch her journey to save Casita and her family’s magic, despite her treatment from some relatives, illustrates bravery not only for young children watching, but even for teens like myself.

Overall, it was satisfying to watch how Mirabel’s relationship with certain family members evolved over the course of the movie, how characters confronted their issues head-on and how the family eventually came together to acknowledge and appreciate Mirabel. This is a heartwarming film that left me satisfied with its conclusion.

Now, hand me my headphones, I have to get back to listening to the soundtrack.

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“Encanto” is an animated musical-comedy and follows the Madrigal family. The Madrigals live in an enchanted house, and almost every member of the family possesses a unique ability. Mirabel Madrigal is the only Madrigal child that does not possess a power, and when she discovers her family’s magic is in danger, she goes on a brave journey to save her family and their home. “Encanto” is an entertaining film with inspirational messages and memorable music.