‘Ceramics is a creative outlet for me’: Through the eyes of artist Genevieve Sive

Nyah Fernandez

By Nyah Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

Junior Genevieve Sive has made countless ceramic pieces throughout middle and high school. She joined Archer’s ceramics class in seventh grade and began exploring all the various opportunities that the ceramics room has to offer. From throwing pots and bowls on the wheel to hand-building clay sculptures with different textures and colors, Sive has done it all.  Sive said that although ceramics is a long and tedious process, it is always worth it when the work comes out in the end.

“My favorite piece so far is a plate I made on the wheel,” Sive said. “After I threw the plate, I cut it up into different pieces and then rearranged it on a slab to make a platter. It is a cloud shape, and I am so excited with the way it came together.”

During a typical ceramic class, art teacher Olivia Moon begins by demoing a ceramic piece to make students feel more comfortable with their next steps. Sive said that she not only finds Moon’s demos helpful but, inspiring and something that fuels her creativity.

“When you’re building by hand, you’ll get somewhere, but on the wheel, it is a whole different and specific technique,” Sive said. “You have to master it — center it first, then you have to open [the clay] and pull it up into a bowl shape or whatever shape you want.”

Sive is currently taking intermediate ceramics, which is open to ninth through 12th graders. Sive said that she has enjoyed ceramics because it has allowed her to meet and collaborate with students across grade levels who have different passions and expertise.

“Everyone is so supportive, and one time my piece got knocked off the shelf and it didn’t break but got smashed, but I wasn’t even mad because everyone in my class is just so nice,” Sive said. “It’s a just a good community. Also, I got to know a lot of 10th graders as well. So it’s a good way to just know more people.”

I think it’s definitely an outlet for me,” Sive said. “I love it. It’s  so much fun, and I enjoy the moments where you can talk to your friends while doing your work. ”

— Genevieve Sive

Senior Destiny Morado is also a ceramic artist in the intermediate class. Morado and Sive have worked together both in the classroom and outside of the classroom on the tennis court. Morado is a member of the varsity tennis team and has worked closely with Sive who is on the junior varsity tennis team.

“I love Genevieve. She has the most positive energy and is just always super comforting. She is always there supporting during tennis matches, win or lose,” Morado said. “She’s always been a teammate but definitely more like a sister even in the ceramics environment. She’s just always happy.”

Sophomore Chidimma Nwafor said she has also enjoyed working with Sive during ceramic class. This is Nwafor’s first year exploring ceramics, and she said that she has enjoyed every moment of it. She said that the classroom environment makes her feel comfortable and gives her the opportunity to create better artwork because everyone is extremely supportive of one another’s efforts.

“Genevieve is really cool and creative in her own unique way. Whenever we have collaborative work she always brings really cool ideas to the table and she has really good energy.” Nwafor said.

Sive said that she encourages students to try ceramics because it can open up new skills and talents that one would have never thought they had.

“I think I already had a little bit of patience when starting ceramics, but it helps you learn how to be patient, and it’s very collaborative,” Sive said. “It helps you a lot with creativity, and it’s a lot of hard work and patience. It’s really fun, honestly.”

Both Nwafor and Morado said that, in the ceramics classroom, no one is scared to express themselves, ask questions or seek help because everyone, especially Sive, is there for one another.

“It’s always really interesting seeing everyone’s projects because everyone comes together,” Nwafor said. “We are always bouncing ideas off each other, which is something that Sive does a lot. It is really fun to see everyone collaborating and using their talents.”

Morado said that Sive’s enthusiasm and work ethic is admirable. Morado acknowledged the great amount of effort and dedication Sive puts into each of her different art pieces.

“She truly puts her all in everything she does,” Morado said. “Whether it’s tennis, I always see her working extra hard, so that’s always so great to see.”