Everything exec: Tess Hubbard embarks on Executive Board journey


Photo credit: Francie Wallack

Rose Chuck (23′), Alyssa Ponrartana (23′), Tess Hubbard (24′) and Meera Mahidhara (23′) pose after taking their Executive Board yearbook photo. Hubbard joined student council as a freshman and was elected to the be on the board her junior year.

By Francie Wallack, Multimedia Editor

Ever since she can remember, junior Tess Hubbard has dreamt of becoming a member of Archer’s Student Council Executive Board. When she received the application packet last spring, she said she knew it was her time. After making posters and writing her speech, election day arrived. Later that day, The Oracle released the results of the election, and, along with three other seniors, Hubbard was elected to the 2022-2023 Executive Board. 

The role of the board is to host events, run assemblies and manage Student Council as a whole. Hubbard is the first junior on the board since the 2019-2020 school year, as the board is typically comprised solely of seniors.

Student body president Rose Chuck (’23) said she was happy when she received the news she would be serving on the board with Hubbard. Chuck has known Hubbard for over 5 years.

“She was the perfect person to do it with” Chuck said. “I was very pleased when I saw that I was going to be on Exec with her.” 

Hubbard was first elected to Student Council as a freshman. She said she had originally decided to run because she wanted to get more involved in the Archer community and had a lot of time on her hands. Hubbard said she never expected what this leadership position would mean to her in the future. 

“The second I started doing StuCo, I realized I loved it,” Hubbard said. “Leadership is just as much about building community as it is about setting an example or being in charge.”

Student Council faculty adviser Denise Hernandez witnesses Hubbard’s hard work on a regular basis. When Hernandez found out Hubbard would be stepping up to this major roll as a junior, she said she knew it meant Hubbard was motivated and sincere.

“She doesn’t do anything 50%. She puts her all into it and…doesn’t outwardly let the stress get to her.” Hernandez said.  “The younger kids feel comfortable going to her, and I think it’s because she gives off that ‘you can talk to me’ and ‘I’m a kind person’ vibe.’” 

The week of the election, Hubbard tested positive for COVID-19. Unable to deliver her speech in the dining hall with the rest of the candidates, Hubbard gave her speech through a recorded video.

“I was definitely a little bit nervous, and my speech ended up glitching out a lot,” Hubbard said. “I think also part of what I was doing is kind of just getting my name out there.”

Chuck and the two other members of the board are seniors, which means Hubbard needs to take charge during the events when the other members have senior commitments. On Halloween, Hubbard was in charge of managing the entire event while the senior board members were in the haunted house. 

“She’s just very driven, and she gets things done,” Chuck said. “She’s definitely stepped up to the plate, and I think, [has] done a good job.” 

As she continues to serve her third year on Student Council, Hubbard said she looks forward to the future opportunities she will have on Student Council. She also said she has hopes of taking on the role of student body president.

“I’m very grateful that I get to be a part of StuCo,” Hubbard said. “I’m also kind of excited because I’m hoping maybe to also do Exec next year, and I’m grateful that I get kind of two chances to have a trial run and then improve next year.”