Archer Girls Take On Spirit Week


By Helena Heslov, Staff Writer

Spirit Week, an exiting Archer tradition, is always fun. For a solid week, students enjoy intense competition and extravagant costumes pertaining to a daily theme.

The first day of Spirit Week 2014 began with colorful pajamas, music in the courtyard, and festivities. Student Council included milk and cookies to add to the full effect of a midnight snack in our PJ’s.

During lunch, each grade selected a team of four to five members to compete in the “Slumber Party Makeover,” during which the teams decorated a teacher volunteer with tons of makeup. In under 15 minutes, each grade completed the task successfully.

Wednesday’s Opposite Day was left open to student interpretation. Many dressed up as boys, but some students even dressed up as each other, and some teachers dressed up as Archer girls in full uniform.

Thursday’s theme, “Throwback Thursday,” allowed students and teachers to bring back a bit of their childhood or maybe even dress up as their favorite movie character. Some students sported classic ’90s chokers and brightly-colored Doc Martens. Outfits like Cher from Clueless and pink 50’s poodle skirts were also prominent throughout the halls.

The activities of the day included playground games, such as hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoops, and the famous “duck duck goose.” To indulge in the throwback excitement, Student Council members served animal crackers, fruit roll-ups, and juice boxes in the courtyard.

The freshman class danced to "Put it Down" by Brandy feat. Eve. Photographer: Kayry Gonzalez '16
The freshman class danced to “Put it Down” by Brandy feat. Eve. Photographer: Kayry Gonzalez ’16

Many would agree that the last day of Spirit Week was the most spirited day of the week. Upper School President Marisa London ’14 says, “It seemed to get more spirited and exciting as the week went on and students began to get more into it!”

On the final day of Spirit Week, each grade picked a theme. An intense dance competition took place during lunch; the stakes were high and the competition was fierce.


The ninth grade, who dressed up as the “101 Dalmatians,” took first place.

As a closing to the week-long festivities, the well-deserved seniors took hold of the Spirit Cup as a prize for gathering the most points. Olivia Loaiza ’16 says, “This year’s Spirit Week was definitely one of the most exciting ones I have seen in my four years at Archer!”