7th grade bonds with night of pizza, paparazzi


A group of seventh graders gather together for a picture in the dining hall during the seventh grade social Friday, Jan. 27. The social had an Old Hollywood theme, and students and dance committee members provided pizza, snacks and games for attending students. Photo by Jerylin Neshek.

By Nina Sperling, Senior Reporter

Seventh graders were transported to Old Hollywood Jan. 27 when they walked into the dining hall for their dance. Tables with pizza and snacks lined the room, and students danced to the thumping beat of SZA.

Seventh graders voted on an Old Hollywood theme for their social. Class representatives Farah Sandoval (’28), Allie Cohen (’28) and Tessa Matzkin (’28), along with seventh grade dean Jerilyn Neshek, were part of the dance committee. They planned the decorations, food, music and games. Each student was allowed to bring up to two guests.

Matzkin said the representatives encouraged students to dress up for the social, but it was not required. Neshek said she was surprised to see so many students and their guests dressed up in party attire, as not as many students have in past years. She said some students even dressed up in line with the Old Hollywood theme.

“I really liked that everybody dressed up. That made me happy,” Neshek said. “I wouldn’t say it’s that typical [for] every year people dress up, but that was fun. Everybody was in really cute dresses.”

The social was seventh grader Camille Chi’s first dance. She said she enjoyed dancing, singing along to the music and playing games like Jenga with her friends in the amphitheater. Chi also noted that she appreciated the bonding experience that came with the dance.

“I became closer with my friend group because we all just like to spend time together. We played games together like Jenga and Connect 4,” Chi said. “It was a really good bonding experience.”

Seventh grader Charlotte Bloomfield said she enjoyed the Old Hollywood theme, and, similarly to Chi, she especially appreciated the party activities.

“I loved the photo booth because it’s really cool and a great way to create memories, and it fit with the theme,” Bloomfield said.

Cohen said the representatives’ goal was for everyone to connect outside of a classroom setting. Neshek and the representatives thought the Harry Styles concert, which took place on the same night, would impede high attendance for the social, but she was surprised that around 90% of the class attended.

Neshek asked freshman Serenity Jones to DJ for the social. Bloomfield and Chi both said that they enjoyed her music selection.

“It was really cool,” Bloomfield said. “The transitions were amazing and just the music choice in general too.”

Chi said she enjoyed having other activities aside from only dancing, such as games in the amphitheater. She said she hopes she will be able to have additional options like those at socials in the future.

“[It was] a great opportunity. The games were good to meet new people and also have fun,” Chi said. “I would definitely do that again. If I was part of planning, I would add games again.”

Neshek said she appreciated the work that the reps did to organize the social. She said if she would change anything, she would order less pizza, as people had to take some home with them. She said that the social this year was a success overall.

“I think reps did a great job at running the dance committee,” Neshek said. “It came out very smoothly in the end, [and] their vision was put into action.”