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Azel Alkadiri

Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist

Azel Al-Kadiri became an Oracle columnist in 2021. Her column discussed pop culture feminism and women's issues. She graduated in 2023.

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I have a message for Cupid from the Valentines Day Grinch. As this years Valentines Day season comes to an end, I encourage young girls and women everywhere to not define their self-worth based on their relationship status!

Column: Cupid is a killer

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
February 22, 2023
As the senior class bAs the senior class begins their final semester and starts rocking their red, class of 23 t-shirts, we have a responsibility to voice the emotions we feel and welcome the feelings of others, through this incredible chapter of change.

Column: The year of the email

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
February 2, 2023
Society has taught girls to keep their voices and desires to themselves. This holiday season and every day, its essential that women speak up and communicate their needs.

Column: A gift for a girl

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
December 15, 2022
As Halloween season comes to a close, I urge girls everywhere to take a closer look at who they were towards other women this Halloween, and to continue to dress however they like.

Column: Hallo-whore?

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
November 30, 2022
As I blow out the candles of seventeen, I bite into the cupcake of adulthood. This new chapter of life is challenging for many women, but I know the journey will be very sweet in the end.

Column: Eighteen candles

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
October 22, 2022
As Scotland becomes the first country in the world to make period products free to everyone, the milestone reminds me of how much work still needs to be done in the period poverty movement in the United States, and beyond.

Column: The price of a period

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
September 18, 2022
The current war in Ukraine is absolutely devastating. As a society, we should be learning about the issue and how we can help, not shaming Ukrainian women for lack of involvement.

Column: A war against women

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
March 30, 2022
American trailblazer Maya Angelou, along with four other incredible female figures will be featured on the U.S quarter. This achievement is an outstanding moment in history, not only for women but communities of color as well.

Column: A wallet of women

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
January 22, 2022
An array of sweet treats and desserts cover the kitchen table in preparation for Christmas dinner. This holiday season, I hope young women everywhere eat as much cake, pie and cookies as they please.

Column: A slice of skinny

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
January 6, 2022
My friends and I photographed walking, blissfully unaware of the struggles ahead of us.

Column: The walk of shame

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
October 30, 2021
As women, we have a moral obligation to advocate for our reproductive rights. The Heartbeat Act of Texas reminds us that they are not promised. No matter what, remember that it is your body and it is your choice.

Column: My heartbeat heartbreak

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
September 29, 2021
In the 2017 Womens March, women came together to continue the fight for gender equality. Recent events have proved the fight for female justice has only begun.

Column: Wake up, old man

By Azel Al-Kadiri, Columnist
September 13, 2021
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