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The 4 best ways to eat an avocado (besides your basic avocado toast)

Photo credit: Uma Nambiar
A collection of cut avocados rest on a cutting board. Using these avocados, I made a giant batch of guacamole for the Super Bowl Feb. 11.

Let’s be honest: Not many foods are as versatile as the vibrant green avocado. Sadly, most people resort to the most basic way of eating this delicious fruit — avocado on bread. But this doesn’t have to be the only option! Avocados can be eaten in many unique forms, from smoothies to ice cream. Here are a few ways to enjoy the flavor of a creamy, satisfying avocado.

In a Smoothie

Kreation Organic Juicery sells a drink called the “Greentastic Smoothie” featuring avocado, yogurt, proteins and superfoods. The only catch? It’s $13.80. Instead of busting your bank, you can blend up an avocado smoothie right at home for a whole lot less.

Avocados can level up your everyday smoothies by adding the perfect balance of creaminess to your drink. They are subtle in taste, so if you’re worried about the taste overpowering your favorite smoothie … don’t. Avocados are high in protein, a great source of fiber and extremely helpful in boosting your energy for the day. Why wouldn’t you add them to your morning smoothie?

One recipe to try out is Love & Lemon’s avocado smoothie. Two others that are equally delicious are Well Plated’s avocado smoothie with blueberries and Omnivore’s Cookbook’s three-ingredient avocado smoothie.


If you don’t particularly like the taste of a plain avocado, you can always opt to spruce things up with a few spices and juices. Paired with diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro and a squeeze of lime, avocado has never tasted so good. Many restaurants in LA serve the best guacamole, such as Gracias Madre and Juquila.

Guacamole is my favorite dish to make. I often buy a bag of avocados from Trader Joe’s just to mix them up for a yummy snack. My favorite way to make guacamole is first to mix the avocado with a fork, then add diced onion and chopped cilantro. I roll the lime on a cutting board for extra juice and then add it to my mix. Lastly, I sprinkle some salt for garnish. You can go the simple route with just lemon and salt, or you can go the loaded route with the recipe below. Guacamole is truly a snack for everyone.

Guacamole, in my opinion, is best served with corn tortilla chips. However, it also pairs deliciously with carrots, cucumbers and (this one might sound weird, but just try it … I swear it’s amazing) Trader Joe’s Taki-esque Chili and Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips.

Grilled or Baked 

Okay, hear me out. I know hot avocados sound different — I thought so too, until I tried them for the first time at Blue Ribbon Sushi. When I tell you my mind was blown … It. Was. Blown. The mixture of salty sesame on top of soft and crispy avocado was mind-boggling. After the initial taste, I couldn’t finish it fast enough.

Following my discovery, I scoured all of LA to try and find more of the delicious dish, but after an unsuccessful search, I decided the solution was to make them at home. I didn’t know how to grill, so I tried putting the avocado in the oven instead. A-ma-zing. Trust me when I say this is my favorite way to eat an avocado.

Here’s a pro tip if you ever try baking an avocado: make a fried egg and place it in the hole of the avocado where the pit used to be. It’s perfect, warm and delicious for breakfast or brunch.

I know you are dying to try this out. So, to help you along,  The Spruce Eats’ grilled avocado recipe and Heinens’ baked avocado with eggs recipe are great recipes to try out!


All of these fancy ways to eat an avocado might sound too much to you. Sometimes, I just need something plain and simple. If that’s what you’re going for, don’t worry. I’ve got you!

Just cut open an avocado, sprinkle some salt and dig right in. If you want to be a little more sophisticated, a drizzle of olive oil will do the trick. To take “plain” to the maximum, add some spices (pepper, garlic powder or Everything but the Bagel seasoning).

All this goes to say how versatile an avocado can be. So the next time you see an avocado lying around in your house, don’t just smear it on a piece of gut-healthy sourdough.

There’s always something unique you can make with an avocado.

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Uma Nambiar, Staff Reporter
Uma Nambiar joined the Oracle in 2023 as a Staff Reporter. She is an avid reader and writer as well as being in the Unaccompanied Minors, Archer's acapella group. In her free time, you can find Uma reading, writing, and obsessing over rom-coms.

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