Food Blog: Food at The Farmers’ Market

By Isabel Adler, Columnist

The Grove is a popular mall that many Archer students love to visit. Located next to The Grove is the Farmers’ Market; a hubbub of  eclectic stands . The Farmers’ Market is like a mall for food. With selections ranging from candy to Mexican food, the Farmers’ Market is a great place to grab a bite to eat.

One of the most popular restaurants at the Farmer’s Market is Loteria. Loteria recently opened a larger branch on the Santa Monica Promenade. Offering delicious cuisine ranging from quesadillas to nachos and tostadas, the chain’s Farmer’s Market location is quick and easy to eat but still maintains deliciousness.

India Halsted ‘17 says the, “quality mexican cuisine that Loteria provides for the restaurant goer is unique to Los Angeles.” The restaurant is both gourmet and casual. Unlike many fast food restaurants, Loteria puts effort into each order.

Another family-run business is the self proclaimed “world famous” Bennett’s Ice Cream, well known for its pumpkin ice cream. Although not as gourmet as Sweet Rose Creamery, this shop is a wonderful place to have homemade ice cream.

However, this food location houses some less gourmet and delicious restaurants. Unlike Loteria, Chipotle, which is also located at the Farmers Market, has poor quality fast food. For Mexican food, Loteria is better.

However, Becca Samuelson ’13 disagrees, and sees the positive in Chipotle. She says of the chain, “I like [Chipotle] because I am gluten free and all of it’s rice and corn options are really helpful.” The shop offers a variety of Mexican cuisine.

Another less than gourmet chain located at the Farmers Market is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. India Halsted ’17 says she “enjoys their preservative flavored chai blends and teas” but feels, “it does not provide one with healthy energy booster that they advertize.”

However, the drinks at Coffee Bean are brewed selectively: every drink in California is Kosher. Capi Berney ‘13 says she “likes that the menu is kosher and inclusive to people that might want to eat [or drink].”

The Farmers’ Market offers a veranda where tables and chairs are set up for customers to eat. Trees provide shade and the environment is busy but feels like a break from the modern world. Although it can sometimes be difficult to find a seat, the market is very pleasant.

Aside from food, stores provided offer an array of different paraphernalia. There are numerous small trifle stores with figurines and other souvenirs. However, the Farmers’ Market’s true glory exists in the many food options.