Q&A with 2015-2016 swim team captains


Photo credit: Nelly Rouzroch

Archer’s 2015-2016 upper school swim team at an invitational meet against Crossroads and Windward at UCLA. The team practices daily at UCLA.

Kimia Khatibi ’16 and Shelby Mumford ’16 are captains of the 2015-2016 upper school swim team. The Oracle sat down with them to discuss their goals for the season and how practicing at UCLA impacts the team.

What is your favorite thing about swim?

KK: My favorite thing about swim is that it’s really hard. It’s like working every single muscle in your body without breathing. When I get out of the pool I feel like there was nothing I could have done to get a better workout.

How does practicing off campus impact your performance or the team in any way?

KK: I don’t mind it, but it would be nice to have our own pool. We would be able to have a longer practice, and we wouldn’t have to commute back and forth. We would be able to do more that way and practice in the morning. However, UCLA does have a beautiful pool and facilities. It’s really nice that we get to use it.

SM: It makes us more motivated [being at UCLA] because we are in an environment where swim is a huge part of the school. It’s just 15-20 extra minutes that we have to take [to get there] that we could use to practice. It’s a little unfortunate but we make it work.

How is the season going so far?

SM: So far we have only had two meets. One of them was invitational, so it didn’t count [for the league record]. The other one was a league meet, which we won. We are really proud of our team. Swim is an individual sport, but during practice and on the bus we cheer each other on. We are always laughing and have a really good dynamic.

What does a typical practice look like?

SM: We would either start with two 100 freestyle or a two 100 choice. Then, we would go into a preset that could honestly consist of whatever. Then, the actual set, which is a little bit harder and faster than the preset, and a nice cool down.

KK: The preset will usually include some kicking or using paddles.

Are there any major goals you have for this season?

KK: To win league again. We won for the first time last year — undefeated, so if we can do that a second time that would be great.