Meet the Candidate: Maya Winkler ’18


By Oracle Staff

1. Choose a leadership quote and in a short paragraph explain how it applies to your “style” of leadership and why.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

When I read this random quote, I was so excited.  It perfectly explains my goals for my future in leadership.  I am a doer.  I look for physical proof of accomplishments, which explains my aspirations to become a surgeon.  As a group leader, I am a large enthusiast of group-think. Through collaborative work, I feel that I will be able to ask questions that will inspire others to apply my ideas into their daily lives.  Hopefully these thoughts will encourage a “live life to the fullest” attitude. Living a challenging, happy laugh is the most important human quality, which I hope I can see in those I will have the honor to lead in my future.  

2. As a student council member, what important goals would you have for Student Council? For Archer?

One of my main goals is to have the arts at Archer be appreciated more than they are currently.  Being personally involved in several artistic aspects of the school, I have found that there is not nearly as much excitement over the arts as there are over athletics. I plan on working with communications to advocate for an “arts” section being put on the in addition to the “athletics” tab. Additionally, I want to create a “Network of Smiles” at Archer, where every month a grade will be selected and the rest of the school will have the opportunity to express all their love for that grade and make them smile!  This will be a new way to connect the Archer community. From notes in people’s locker to baking advisories treats, every month a new grade will feel the love!

3. What are your plans for increasing school spirit and student participation at Archer?

Hopefully I will be able to encourage attendance of all school events by personally inviting people in the halls. On game days I will go into hallways with posters and get each class excited for each upcoming event!  I am personally an extremely spirited person and am always willing to go all out. I will ensure that face paint is provided for every faculty-student game as well as color wars. I will personally inspire others to bring on their Panther-Pride during every exciting thing Archer has going on. My goal for student council is to make it known to more of the student body that we are a school organization open to all. I hope to increase attendance of StuCo meeting by encouraging none council members who want their voices to be heard to join us for our weekly lunch meeting.

4. What role(s) do you think Student Council should play at Archer? Is Student Council currently fulfilling that role? If not, what changes do you propose to make it happen?

This year, Student Council has done an extraordinary job at bringing more spirit to the school. Color Wars was one of, if not the best, spirit building events the school has ever experienced.  I believe that Student Council should be the leaders of Archer who are able to put together fun events like Color Wars in addition to being the voice of the student body.  As a group we should be able to make executive decisions that will further enhance every individual’s experience while at school.  I believe we have done an excellent job at creating uplifting events, however it would benefit everyone if there was a way (survey for example) to get feedback on what the student body is looking for within the council.

5. Why do you want to be on Student Council, really?

I have loved being a member of Student Council this past year.  I want to continue with this leadership opportunity because I feel that I have been able to learn a lot from my peers on how to be an effective leader.  I am always looking to push myself further and I think being a member of ASB versus being a class rep will allow me to expand my leadership skills and follow through skills.  These are both aspects of life that will come up a lot within my next years as a developing teenager, and I am excited to get the most of the the Archer community.