BREAKING: Student Council Executive Board announced, runoff for president scheduled Friday


Photo credit: Anna Brodsky

The Executive Board next year will be comprised entirely of seniors. The position of Student Body President goes to the rising senior with the most votes; in this case, there was a tie for president, and margins between all four candidates were so close that there will be a runoff election during Friday’s class meeting.

Though Executive Board candidates usually give their speeches in the Dining Hall to cheering crowds of students, this year’s aspiring student leaders gave their speeches to over 200 muted faces on Zoom. After hearing from the eight candidates, rising upper schoolers voted by Google form.

Next year’s Executive Board will be comprised of seniors Francesca Cappello, Tove Jegeus, Madis Kennedy and Aniyah Shirehjini. The position of Student Body President goes to the rising senior with the most votes. This year, there was a tie for Student Body President, and all four candidates were within such a close margin that another vote will be conducted during class meetings on Friday afternoon to determine next year’s president. According to Dean of Students Jenn Babin, all four seniors have the potential to win president when the field narrows from eight to four students. The Oracle will report the results of that election as soon as they are available.

Congratulations to all who ran!