‘They Went Beyond’: Reflecting on Archer Athletics’ ‘record-breaking year’


Photo credit: Carina Oriel

From left to right, Cat Oriel, Saskia Wong-Smith, Cybele Zhang and Summer de Vera, all ’18, smile before dinner at the Olympic Collection. Wong-Smith won MVP for varsity swim.

With a week left in the 2015-2016 school year, spring sports conclude their seasons, while the rest of the community reminisces about the fall and winter sports seasons. On Monday, May 16, athletes, parents and coaches gathered at the Olympic Collection for the annual Sports Awards Night hosted by the Archer Athletic department.

Each team gathered one by one as coaches and players recalled memories of their seasons and recognized team members who made a significant impact this year. Additionally, teams broke personal, school and league records, which shows how far the athletics program has progressed in the past 20 years.

The athletics department announced the winners of three major athletic awards: Rookie of the Year, Scholar-Athlete of the Year and Athlete of the Year.

All winners are “nominated by her coaches and voted on by a panel of Archer coaches and athletic staff”, according to the Athletic Awards description.

Infographic by: Cybele Zhang '18
Infographic by Cybele Zhang ’18

According to the Athletic Award description, Rookie of the Year is “a 9th grade athlete who plays a pivotal role in the Archer Athletic program.” This year, Morgan Dennis ’19 won that award for her participation on the freshman volleyball team and varsity softball team.

The Scholar-Athlete of the Year was Leandra Ramlo ’16, who ended her senior year with a 4.58 weighted GPA. She participated in varsity cross country, soccer and track. The award is given to “an athlete who is a critical member of the Archer athletic program while achieving high marks in the classroom.”

Christian Luhnow ’16 was named Athlete of the Year because of her influential contribution to the varsity volleyball team. The award is given to “an athlete who plays a pivotal role in the Archer athletic program.”

Additionally, each team gave Most Improved, MVP and Panther awards.

The event held a living voting to determine the 2016 Play of the Year and 2016 Team of the Year.

Varsity softball won Play of the Year for a “1-3-2-5-1 pickle double-play,” according to a school-wide email from Athletic Director, Denny Lennon.

Varsity swim was named Team of the Year for their second consecutive Liberty League Championship and 9th place finish at CIF-SS Division 4 Finals.

Click below for highlights from this year’s teams.

Archer Sports Awards Night 2016 – Highlight Reel from The Archer School for Girls on Vimeo.

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