The best animals to follow on social media: Style icons, authors and more

A baby Hamlet chews on a piece of cabbage. Image source: Hamlet’s Instagram.

If you’re an animal lover like me, you can probably spend hours stalking random people’s pets on social media. There’s nothing better than opening Instagram and being greeted by a picture of an adorable rescue dog — or perhaps a baby panda — or maybe a pig named Hamlet who shares your secret reality TV show obsession.

Hamlet is a Los Angeles based micro pig who often watches “The Bachelor” in her spare time. When she’s not busy dining at vegan restaurants with her owner or chewing on some cabbage, Hamlet can finally sit back and relax. Listed below are five other animals’ accounts you need to be following on social media. 


Neville hangs out with model Kendall Jenner on a photo shoot. Image source: Neville’s Instagram.

Neville Jacobs

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has a Bark Jacobs named Neville, who is an adorable pit bull terrier. This dog is far more stylish than all of us combined. If you haven’t joined his 200,000 followers on Instagram, what are you waiting for? Neville also penned a memoir last year. What hasn’t he done? Neville is a serious catch — funny, handsome and smart. He also clearly has good people skills and has collaborated with everyone from Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid. 


Polly anxiously awaits to receive a delicious treat. Image source: Polly’s Instagram.

Polly Pringle Smalls

Meet another fashionable dog: Polly Pringle Smalls. Her mom is style blogger Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior. Polly’s other half, William, passed away last year, but Polly still maintains a strong social media presence. Duprie also creates hilarious captions for each picture, so if you follow the account, you surely will not be bored. One of my favorites is a picture of Polly wearing a pair of sneakers with the caption, “Ordering shoes online never works. #neverfits.” Polly is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. 

Svetlanko interacts with a young girl in Russia. Image source: Svetlanko’s Instagram.

Svetlanko the Russian Bear

It’s not every day you see a giant bear sitting at a table eating with humans, but with Svetlanko, you’ll see that bizarre and adorable sight every day on Instagram. Svetlanko lives in Moscow, Russia, with his human family, and has now garnered over 40,000 dedicated followers including myself. The only negative aspect of his account is that I need help translating most of the captions.


Bolt and Keel, featured above, trekking in the wilderness. Image source: Bolt and Keel’s Instagram.

Bolt and Keel

I may be allergic to cats, but I still love seeing them! These rescue cats are probably more adventurous than most humans; they are known for exploring the wilderness. Additionally, as noted on their Instagram profile page, their “life goal” is to appear on the “Ellen show.” I’m a little concerned about this. I think they could go on to accomplish great things, and being on the “Ellen show” should not define someone’s success, despite the fact that the show is highly entertaining. 


Volunteers at PHS take some of the dogs on a walk near San Mateo, CA. They generally take dogs on 2-hour long hikes to help them burn off excess energy. Image source: Peninsula Humane Society’s Instagram.

The Peninsula Humane Society

I know this account doesn’t technically count as an individual animal, but PHS is an incredible shelter that houses all types of animals. Located in San Mateo, CA, I often volunteer there throughout the year. Each social media post provides updates on former and current animals in the shelter. I’ve rescued five dogs from PHS over the years!