The Arrow Executive Board heads in new direction, shares changes for the year


Photo credit: Allie Worchell

Claire Bardin ‘18 and Cat Oriel ‘18 work at The Arrow during X-Block. They help girls purchase snacks with their One Cards and organize the store’s food.

The Arrow — formerly known as the Archer Student Store — is snack central at Archer, offering treats from granola bars to iced teas. This year, The Arrow Executive Board is revamping with new members, as well as some familiar faces.

Cat Oriel ‘18, the president of the Arrow Executive Board, oversees day-to-day responsibilities to ensure The Arrow runs smoothly.

“My days [look] pretty different than [other board members], since I do a mixture of everything,” Oriel said. “I might do marketing one day and stocking the next.”

Alternatively, Claire Bardin ‘18, the Human Resource Manager, is hoping to incorporate health and sustainability. 

“[I] work in different fields to bring in healthier products and more sustainable packaging,” Bardin said.

According to Jane Davis, faculty advisor for The Arrow, previous options were not very nutritious.

“We had a lot of food that wasn’t very healthy,” she said.  “When I took over five years ago, we had lots of candy.”

In addition to offering healthier choices, Bardin and Davis intend to introduce more options to accommodate everyone.

“In the store, I want an option for everybody, [so] if you’re gluten free there’s something you can eat,”  Bardin said. “[We want] different options that are healthy and not filled with chemicals. We just replaced the Kraft Mac N Cheese with Annie’s Mac N Cheese — that’s actually a lot more healthy than the Kraft.”  

With Archer Forward commencing this winter, The Arrow’s physical location will change.

“We don’t know what the future of the store’s going to look like because of Archer Forward,” Oriel said. “Right now, we might have two stores: one at Archer and one at the [temporary Classroom Village].”  

According to Davis, construction means that employees will need to be even more committed. She hopes to “further streamline and organize the process” of coordinating shifts.

[We want] different options that are healthy and not filled with chemicals”

— Claire Bardin

Davis described productive student store leaders as “somebody who is proactive, who comes to meetings prepared with an agenda, who is thinking globally [and] has peripheral vision.”

[We need someone who is] looking at all of the different aspects of what’s happening in the store, not just what they may be specifically assigned to,” Davis said. “[We look for] somebody who is in line with our mission to provide funding to financial aid and provide healthy snacks to students.”  

The Arrow’s Instagram account provides store updates and offers for students.