Spirit Week promotes competition, fosters creativity


Photo credit: Nelly Rouzroch

Students watch the TV Trivia game on Tuesday, Mar. 6, in the courtyard. Student council provided popcorn for students to snack on.

Only two weeks after the annual Night of Dance, the Archer community gathered for another dance performance. But unlike the previous, this time was a competition.

From Monday, Mar. 5, to Friday, Mar. 9, students and faculty celebrated Spirit Week with daily themed costumes and lunchtime activities. The festivities concluded on Friday with a dance contest in the courtyard.

According to a school-wide email from Student Council Executive Board Member Jayla Brown ’18, “The goal of Spirit Week [is] to promote school spirit, unify grades and, most importantly, [to] have fun.”

Each day’s theme was selected by student council strategically.

“We tried to make Spirit Week very accessible and inclusive,” Student Council Executive Board Member Lucia Barker ’18 said. “The themes were broad, but we still encouraged people to go all out.” 

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Pajama Day

To kick off the week, students came in their favorite PJs and accessorized with slippers, blankets and eye masks.

“PJ Monday is a tradition and always a favorite way to start off the week,” Barker said.

Student council provided donuts and cereal during lunch, while “Moana” was screened in the Rose Room.

Tune in Tuesday

On Tuesday, Archer girls brought to life their favorite musical artists, celebrities and characters.

Some costumes included characters from The Handmaid’s Tale, Friends and That 70’s Show.

At lunch, there was a TV Trivia game and popcorn for students to snack on.

Workout Wednesday

Grab your tennis shoes! For Wednesday’s theme, community members modeled their favorite athleisure wear.

Student council led the lunchtime Aerobic Freeze Dance Competition, which was won by senior Cydney Davis.

There was also lemonade for students to sip as they watched the contest.

What do you meme it’s Thursday?

Viral memes and Vines came alive on Thursday as students dressed as their favorite images and videos.

“I laughed in every class because of how creative all the costumes were,” Class Representative Josie Garcia-Euyoque ’18 said.

During lunch, there was a Finish that Vine contest, where students competed by grade to complete Vines — short comedic videos from the now defunct platform. Following the game, students performed the memes they were dressed as.

“I’m not sure the teachers totally got it,” Barker said. “But it was funny to see over 50 girls screaming, ‘I can’t swim.‘”

Popular costumes included “Who is she?” and Dwayne Johnson.

Decade Day

Friday featured a blast from the past as community members brought to life various decades.

Seniors dressed as the 1990s, juniors as the 1980s, sophomores as the 1970s and freshmen as the 2000s. The eighth grade was the 1950s, seventh was the 1960s and sixth was dinosaurs, respectively.

Photo by Saskia Wong-Smith
Seniors Summer de Vera and Cat Oriel dress in ’90s themed clothes. Each grade was assigned a different time period.

At lunch, students performed in the annual dance competition, where each grade choreographed a unique dance. This year also featured a teacher dance.

“Seeing the sixth graders absolutely kill it with their dance was great,” Barker said. “The standards are so high now that it’s hard to place even with a great dance.”

Freshmen placed first, seventh grade took home second and juniors got third.

“My favorite [Spirit Week] memory would have to be the dance,” Garcia-Euyoque, a member of the senior’s ensemble, said. “Even though we didn’t place, it was so much fun learning the choreography and actually performing it.”

Although the event was a competition, Barker believes it united the school.

“I noticed over the years how much better the competition is in terms of sportsmanship. Everyone’s very supportive and encouraging,” Barker said. “Overall, I think it was a fantastic Spirit Week that was filled with good competition, fun activities and amazing costumes.”