Q&A with 2018 varsity beach volleyball co-captains: Stella Smyth, Gillian Varnum


Photo credit: Shannon Daley

Gillian Varnum ’20 hits during a beach volleyball tournament. She is currently a co-captain alongside Stella Smyth ’19.

This season, varsity beach volleyball has played through rain and shine.

According to captains Stella Smyth ’19 and Gillian Varnum ’20, the team has grown closer while improving their volleyball skills. Both co-captains are entering their third season competing for Archer.

Archer has had a beach volleyball team for six years.

The Oracle sat down with the captains to hear about their experiences in beach volleyball and the new season so far.

How does it feel to be a captain this year? 

SS: It has been incredible because all the girls on the team are so enthusiastic to be there, and it makes me really happy.

GV: For me, it is really nice to be part of a team where everyone is so supportive.  No matter if you are on JV or varsity, everyone just really comes together. 

What is the team dynamic like?

SS: We are all so supportive of each other and we laugh and have fun on the court while maintaining a certain level of seriousness. Even throughout our most difficult games and practices, we never fail to put a smile on peoples face.  We are able to recognize our weaknesses in order to grow. 

GV: During drills we all support each other. At games, when we are done playing, we go and sit by each others courts and support each other. It is really nice.

What has been a favorite memory from this year?

GV: Our first game was great because we were all really ready to show how improved we are since last year and to show how ready we are as a team. We were all really excited to support each other. We have had a lot more practice, and we are a lot stronger as a team this year. It was really nice to see everyone get a chance to play and be a part of the team.