Caitlin Mosch displays photography inspired by natural elements in senior show


Photo credit: Grace Dieveney

Caitlin Mosch ’18 poses with her art during the show opening on Tuesday. Mosch spent the year shooting and editing pictures depicting nature.

When Caitlin Mosch started photography as a freshman at Archer, her teacher Marya Alford said she was “curious” and asked an “endless amount of questions.” Four years later, Mosch now showcases what she has learned in her senior show.

Mosch’s show, entitled “Caitlin Mosch IV,” opened at noon on Tuesday, May 15, in the upstairs gallery and will be on display until May 21.

After initially struggling to come up with ideas, Mosch said she grabbed a camera and took pictures of her friends on the beach. She was then inspired by the water and ran with the idea of nature.

Photo by Grace Dieveney
Photographs displayed at Mosch’s senior show, featuring cutouts and scratches. “[The art] reflects the weirdness in my personality that people rarely ever see,” Mosch said.

“I have decided to explore different interpretations of the four elements with aspects of portraiture: water, earth, air and fire,” Mosch said in her artist’s statement.

Since ninth grade Mosch had been photographing her friends and wanted to include them in her final showcase.

“It’s nice to see the theme come together. It’s really fun how she tied it into all the elements,” O’Sullivan said.

After being her photography teacher for multiple years, Alford said she feel proud of Mosch’s progress and final exhibition of work.

“It’s incredible,” Alford said. “The experimentations she did with water really took [the project] to a new level.”