Senior Night: Varsity basketball plays last game of season


Photo credit: Denny Lennon

Seniors Sarah Traenkle and Caitlin Chen sit next to their coach, Jelani Bandele. At Thursday’s game, the team celebrated Senior Night, which honored Chen and Traenkle.

Despite a difficult game, Park Century’s court was filled with smiles and laughter on Thursday, Jan. 30, when the varsity basketball team played against Oakwood in its final game of the season. Archer lost the game 54-32.

According to sophomore and team member Addison Lee, “a lot happened” during the game.

“Our basketball coach got ejected from the gym, we had terrible refs [and] someone almost got a concussion,” Lee said.

Team member Starrlyn Brown ’21 also mentioned the referees, saying that the calls they made impacted the enjoyment of the game.

“[If] we had had good refs, I think we would have liked playing the game more,” Brown said. 

Despite the disagreements between the players and the referees, the senior ceremony was an “upside” of the night, according to player Nadia Charles ’21.

“Our senior ceremony was really nice. Everyone was able to put everything that happened…in the past and focus on Caitlin and Sarah,” Charles said. “The speeches were great.”

Senior basketball player Sarah Traenkle described the ceremony as “very emotional.”

“I’ve been playing basketball for 13 years, and just knowing that it was my last game ever really…got to me. I was really sad,” Traenkle said. “But it was really fun having all my friends there to support me, and my teammates there supporting me.”

The ceremony consisted not only of speeches but also posters, flowers and refreshments.

“After [the ceremony] everyone was hugging, taking pictures and smiling. We were able to move on really fast,” Charles said. “We wanted to celebrate our seniors and we didn’t want to worry about all the negativity around [the game].”