Track and field sprints to first-place finish in league championship


Photo credit: Naheed Rajwani

Gianna Parks, Hailey Adams, Starr Brown and Nia Mosby smile after winning the 4x100 relay at their last league meet of the season. Mosby said that the group had just gotten one of their best times. "It's always exciting to run the...relay with the team," she said. "We work hard at practice to do well at these meets, and it shows."

The first Olympic Games began approximately in 776 B.C. and included a variety of athletic events like track and field and wrestling. During the festival, athletes participated in track events, including the stade race, field events and long distance runs. Today, Archer has its own varsity track team that competes in similar races to those in the first Olympic Games.

Senior Caitlin Chen, who has been on the team for four years, runs the 1600 and 1800 meter races.

“[The] Archer track department [grew], going from freshman year, eventually getting stronger as a team and becoming more competitive as a team and winning league for the first time last year and then league again this year,” Chen said. “This year’s track team was so closely bonded, and I enjoyed being with every single girl on the team.”

The team celebrated Chen and her fellow senior team members Mackenzie Williams and Miaya South on senior night.

“It was great,” Chen said. “It was our league finals, and to pair winning with celebrating four years of running was a really great moment.”

Nia Mosby also competed in the State Championship on May 24 in the 200 and 400-meter competition. She is the first track athlete at Archer to qualify and placed seventh in the state.

However, she said the most exciting part of the season was getting closer with her team.

“Overall, I enjoyed the process of making it to where I am today and having the opportunity to get this far in track,” Mosby said. “I learned a lot of lessons throughout the season and life lessons that I will take on and remember forever, but I think one thing to always remember is that everything happens for a purpose, and the way you run one day does not depict how you are going to run in your future.”

Mosby said she also had to learn to be determined throughout the season.

“[You have to] try to stay consistent with your workouts and being responsible for your actions and how you treat your body involving the food you eat because all these things factor into how you are going to perform,” Mosby said. “I’ve learned to have patience and trust God‘s timing because His timing is the right timing.”

Mosby is excited for her next year with her teammates.

“I enjoyed being around my team and being around people who are supportive and encouraging and will always have your back,” Mosby said. “I’m excited to see this time around next year and figure out what college I’m going to run for… the whole process is very fun, though at times it can be stressful. But it’s mostly just for the enjoyment of competing.”