Ambassador Leadership Team reflects on school year


Photo credit: Naheed Rajwani

Middle schoolers in the ALTeachers X-Block follow sophomore Ambassador Leadership Team member Jessica Tuchin ’21. The X-Block focused on teaching students how to be ambassadors for the school.

The Ambassador Leadership Team [ALT], comprised of 17 Archer ambassadors, is a “tight-knit” group with the purpose of providing leadership for the regular Archer ambassadors who lead tours and answer questions at school events, member Nicole Farmer said.

Farmer is the Tour Guide Chair for the upcoming year and said she “really wants to be there” for the new tour guides as they are learning how to be ambassadors. 

“I think the main focus is for us to come together and pull each of our strengths in order to help plan events, do tours, be there and support each other if any of us have a question about a tour,” said Farmer. “Just being there for [each other] and answering questions [is important.]”

As for ALT’s significance to students at Archer, sophomore Gianna Lotman explained that ALT makes her “so happy” and gives her a way to give back to the school. 

“Archer has been such a profound experience for me, and it’s really changed the person that I am today… It built this confidence in me that I never knew I had,” Lotman said. “ALT just makes me so happy because it’s my way of giving back to the school… [I want to thank Archer] for building me into this great person… and through ALT I get to get more families involved, and that’s so exciting for me.”

Similarly, Vice Chair of Tours Langdon Janos ‘22 explained that she has gained a “love” for Archer through ALT and that she has found her passions through it.

“My favorite part is being able to meet so many prospective Archer girls because they’re all so friendly and so nice, and they’re all so excited to be at Archer,” Janos said. “I love answering questions, and because I love Archer so much, I like to share that [love] with other people.”

Lotman said that the new campus “changed” Archer’s system of learning and that she hopes to utilize this as an ambassador.

“I’m looking forward to using the new campus in different ways through events, and just also showcasing it because I think [the new campus offers] a momentous victory for Archer and women in total,” Lotman said. “In the first two months of being in there, it’s just totally changed the way that we learn.”