Local small business: Seniors share their love for Belwood Bakery


Photo credit: Nyah Fernandez

Belwood Bakery, located in the Brentwood village, attracts many Archer students. Soon to be graduated-seniors reflect on their love for the bakery. “I would warn people about the price because I feel like it’s very expensive,” senior Leah Abazari said, “but it’s worth it.”

By Grace Doyle , Sports Editor

Hot coffee in the morning, a sandwich for lunch and an afternoon smoothie are just some of the options available at Belwood Bakery. It is a popular spot among many Archer students. Senior Faith Soriano said the bakery will be missed by her and the senior class once they graduate.

Soriano has been frequenting Belwood for four years, and her order consists of an iced vanilla latte and muffin. Even on the weekends, Soriano said she makes her way over to the Brentwood Village to pick up some of Belwood’s delicacies.

“I just felt that a vanilla latte would really boost my energy,” Soriano said. “Belwood — it just has a certain feel. I even go there on the weekends. I like the workers, and I almost went three times a day.”

Senior Thea Leimone said she is also a fan of the bakery. Her preferences vary; sometimes she goes for a smoothie, while other times she is partial to a sandwich.

“Normally I go for a smoothie. I’m a big fan of the banana, peanut butter and Nutella one. I think they’re really filling … and [they are] just refreshing,” Leimone said. “This morning I was feeling a little munchie — I was feeling breakfast food. I think they have really good breakfast food options … So I got the breakfast sandwich with turkey bacon on a croissant.”

Senior Thea Leimone holds her egg, turkey bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich. She said is a big fan of Belwood and usually buys a smoothie or sandwich, whether it be for breakfast or lunch. “One thing I absolutely love is that they put sauces on their sandwiches,” Leimone said. “I think that just elevates the sandwiches.” Photo credit: Thea Leimone

Besides loving the taste of Belwood’s coffee, senior Leah Abazari said she sees the bakery as a helpful boost of energy.

“My favorite part is that I don’t get enough sleep, so I fall asleep in class all the time. So when I have my Belwood I can stay awake, and it tastes really good,” Abazari said.

As Soriano is graduating this year, she will not have as many opportunities to visit Belwood. She said that even though she is leaving, the memory of the bakery will continue to live on.

“I think it’s honestly my favorite, and the best sandwich is the rosemary chicken sandwich,” Soriano said. “It’s something that I will remember for years to come.”

Senior Tina Fuentes-Alva is another loyal patron of the bakery. She said that the coffee at Belwood can cause people to lose track of how much coffee they are consuming because it is so delicious.

“[There’s] something about the taste of their iced coffee. You drink it so fast that you literally lose track of how much it is, but it’s delicious,” Fuentes-Alva said.

Abazari said that while the Brentwood Village provides many options for those looking for a quick bite, Belwood is the epitome of Brentwood.

“I would recommend it as a very local [and] good small business,” Abazari said. “If I said you should go to Starbucks … everyone knows Starbucks, but Belwood is very ‘Brentwoody.'”