Singing in the rain: Six songs to get you through the rainy, cloudy days


Photo credit: Nina Sperling

This graphic depicts promotional album covers of the songs that I chose for this rainy day list. These songs range from lo-fi R & B to confidence-boosting and dance-worthy indie pop. I hope these songs get you through these unusually rainy days.

By Nina Sperling, Senior Reporter

When you think of L.A., you might imagine palm trees, beaches, constant sun and warm weather. However, January was unusually filled with huge amounts of rain, clouds and freezing temperatures.

I have loved music my whole life. As someone whose mood is affected by the weather, music always gets me through those gloomy, cloudy days. I want to share some rainy-day songs to help you get through these recent rainy days.

golden hour” by jvke

When I first heard “golden hour,” I loved it right away. It feels like a small escape from the usual stress of the day whenever I hear the whimsical piano, strings and dramatic beats. With the birds chirping in the beginning and the progression of the piano, “golden hour” is relaxing and enticing, but it reminds me of summer, happy memories and, of course, golden hour.

SUPERBLOOM” by MisterWives

“SUPERBLOOM” is about resilience, self-confidence and having pride in oneself. This song is a great mood boost when I am feeling down or even when I am feeling happy. The melody is super cheerful and uplifting, and the lyrics even more so.

Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder

Ever since I was a baby, I have loved Stevie Wonder and his album “Songs in the Key of Life.” I feel like I want to get up and dance whenever I hear “Sir Duke” and its driving beat, uplifting trumpets and Stevie Wonder’s vocals. It has very catchy lyrics, and Stevie Wonder sings about how amazing music is. Among many other classic Stevie Wonder songs, “Sir Duke” always helps me cheer up when I am feeling down.

Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All)” by Omar Apollo

One of my recent go-to rainy-day songs has been “Evergreen.” I know many people like to pull out their most depressing playlists when it rains, but I love R & B, and sometimes songs like “Evergreen” are a happy medium in between moody and cheerful music. “Evergreen” is calming and melancholy but very captivating, and the bridge will definitely get stuck in your head.

Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy

Like “Evergreen,” “Bad Habit” has a relaxing R & B vibe, but it is still very enticing. It has gained mass popularity and has been second and first on the Billboard Hot 100 list. “Bad Habit” has been a recent favorite in my family, and we put it on whenever we want to have a mini dance party. It is a great song to help you get through the gloomy and rainy days.

RAIN” by Ben Platt

It wouldn’t be a rainy-day playlist without including a song about rain. “RAIN” is another go-to rainy-day song among my friends and I. The driving beat, synth and Ben Platt’s impeccable vocals always get us up and dancing. It doesn’t even have to be raining for us to play it.

I hope these songs help give you a mood boost as much as they’ve given me during these unprecedented rainy days.