12 Athletes’ Advice to Initiate ‘Beast Mode’


By Ilene Gonzales

Athletes participate in various forms of ‘pre-game’ preparation. Jim Taylor Ph.D., author of The Power of Prime, states, “The single most effective strategies for dealing with the physical and mental challenges is preparation.”

To learn more about these individual rituals, the Oracle surveyed Archer students about how they prepare for sporting events. We received a wide array of responses:

  1. “I love to eat fruit before a game and listen to music, usually turn up music.”

  1. “Think of your anchoring object, remember to keep your eye on the ball (or keep swimming!), and drink lots of water. I mean ridiculous amounts of water. It really helps combat tiredness for me. Get a good night’s sleep and stay positive but keep it real.”

  1. “Eat pasta.”

  1. “I bake cookies for the coach and team. It gives me something to do rather than stress and it makes me relax.”

  1. Meditation on iPhone app, listening to music, eating small snacks an hour before game, and not to think about the game.”

  1. “I usually eat some food and listen to some pumping music like Beyoncé.”

  1. “Eat healthy foods, listen to music, distract myself so I don’t psych myself out.”


  1. “ Physical: eat/drink something for energy (like a luna bar), get my adrenaline running, and put on comfortable athletic clothes. Mentally: ‘get my head in the game,’ pay attention to the weaknesses/strengths of the opposing team, and develop a plan. Emotionally: tell myself ‘I’m gonna do this!’, get confident, and I don’t look forward to winning the game; just towards good teamwork/fun!”

  1. “I tell myself that I can do it, and no matter what, I’ll be ok. For sports I just try my hardest and do what I was taught. For dance, I just try to have fun and enjoy performing.”

  1. “I would make posters to cheer my team on, wear my team colors, and have fun! Oh, and eat some good stuff too!”

  1. “I typically listen to my soccer pump up playlist and eat a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich from Starbucks.”

The Oracle thanks those who contributed. Which one do you resonate the most with? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.