8 Ways to Relieve Stress


Doing what they do best, Archer girls snack on holiday goodies to relieve stress.

By Isabelle Kantz, Lifestyle Editor

Here are eight surefire ways to relax while everything around you seems to have a due date.

  1. Netflix.

    This seems like a no-brainer, although sometimes it’s good to indulge in some overly-dramatic Werewolf vs. Vampire television shows. Law and Order: SVU is also a personal favorite.

  2. Songza.

    This website is created by music experts and has a perfectly appropriate playlist for any situation. Reading in a coffee shop? There’s a playlist for that. Channeling your inner Spice Girl? They’ve got a playlist. Wanting to flashback to Arrow Week and listen to the calming sounds of a stream in a forest? They’ve got a playlist for that, too.

  3. Cake in a Mug. 

    In the mood for a chocolate cake but don’t have the energy to actually bake one? Try making a cake in a mug. These itty-bitty cakes can be made in any microwave-safe mugs, and for the most part, in under 5 minutes. Try these recipes from Reader’s Digest and satisfy your baked-good needs. 

  4. Calm.com. 

    Clearly well known at Archer, Calm.com is a website specifically made for helping people calm down. You have the option for a guided meditation or you can simply listen to their ambient music, which sounds like it’s sent straight from the Heavens.

  5. Tea. 

    Any tea is great, really, but stress-relieving tea is even better. To be specific, Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief Tea is known for its calming remedies. According to the Yogi website, this tea is made from cinnamon, Sarsaparilla and carob pod, which all make for a warm and spicy beverage.

  6. Kitten Livestream. 

    Let’s be honest, when is it not a perfect time to watch kitten videos? A Seattle resident fosters kittens for a local no-kill shelter and has set up a camera in the kennel where he keeps the kittens. This camera feeds into a livestream, so people all over the world can watch live videos of his kittens. How’s that for relaxation?

  7. Rainymood. 

    The sound of rain makes everything better. This website also has daily music suggestions to play in the background of your rain sounds. Rainymood also has an app, so it sound like it’s raining wherever you go.

  8. The Oracle. 

    What better way to relax than reading the work of your incredible Oracle staff? ~Shameless self-promotion~ Catch up on all of the exciting things happening in the Archer community right now. Go on, get lost in the digital world that is the Archer Oracle.