Review: Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt is personalizable, delicious


Photo credit: Ella Chang

I hold my dessert from Pinkberry: a large pomegranate and tart swirl with cookies and cream and chocolate chips on top. Upon the first bite I knew this would be my new favorite dessert place.

By Ella Chang, Staff Reporter

Los Angeles-based frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry originated in 2005, and they claim to be the original frozen yogurt. Currently, there are over 100 stores nationwide, which offer a variety of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings for customers to pick from. The menu is filled with both dairy and dairy-free options, making it accessible for customers with dietary restrictions. Pinkberry uses real yogurt and milk for all their products, ensuring that their ingredients are fresh.

After walking into the shop, you first choose your size: a small is 5 fluid ounces, a medium is 8 fluid ounces and a large is 13 fluid ounces. I enjoy the large size because it can fit two flavors. The flavors at my local Santa Monica store are original tart, pomegranate, chocolate hazelnut, dairy-free tropical mango, ruby chocolate tart and salted butter caramel. My favorites are original tart and pomegranate swirl, which fit perfectly side by side in my large cup. The next step is choosing toppings.

The array of assorted toppings make this a fun and engaging dessert experience. They offer 36 different toppings to choose from, and customers get up to eight toppings free of charge. Some regular toppings you can add are brownie bites, cinnamon crumble and dulce de leche. The added toppings you can choose from are nutella, ruby chocolate drizzle and waffle cookie. I love to order cookies and cream, which includes chocolate cookie crumbles, cream filling bites and chocolate chips. Each time I go to Pinkberry, I am delighted to see my frozen yogurt decked out in the toppings I chose.

I really enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Pinkberry. The yogurt shop is decorated in brightly colored walls, which makes it inviting and appealing.

Another feature that I love from my experiences at Pinkberry are how the napkins by the cash register say, “It tastes as good as it makes you feel.” The first time I put that motto to the test, I was eager to try my personalized mixture. Upon the first bite, I was immersed in the deliciously refreshing treat. The toppings added a nice crunch to the frozen yogurt, which I enjoyed. Overall, Pinkberry is the best frozen yogurt I have tried thus far.

All in all, I was incredibly satisfied with Pinkberry’s service and options they provided. Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt is not like typical soft serve or frozen yogurt because it is not too heavy on the stomach — rather, it is light and restoring. This has become my go to spot for a sweet snack or desert, no matter the time of day.


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Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt shop with over 100 stores country wide that uses fresh ingredients. The shop provides many toppings for customers to choose from that range from fresh fruits to chocolate bites.